Reggie Chapa was one of the original members of the ACK Syndicate and as of 2021, has moved up to the ACK Kayak Fishing Team and the Hobie Fishing Team. Not only does this guy slam them on the water, but being a professional photographer allows him to capture his trips like few others can. He has done well to place in a few tournaments, including our own KATS Saltwater events this past year. Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @chapa_texasranger to stay tuned with him in 2022!

My passion to experience what nature has to offer in any aspect naturally led me to kayaking.  From surfing, to mountain biking, hiking, camping to serving in the Coast Guard on the water. My brain is always thinking about my next adventure outdoors.  Kayaking has unlocked a whole new world of adventure that others may never get to enjoy.










I’m a photographer who brings my camera along to share my experience on the water in hopes to show people what the outdoors offers.  When I’m not taking photos, I’m deep in the marsh looking to sight cast a redfish.  I mainly target redfish, flounder, and speckled trout, but my heart gets going when I can sight cast a redfish.











In the future I want to work with other kayakers and outdoorsman to capture their experiences on the water. Photography is my other passion and I like being able to combine kayaking and photography to capture those unforgettable catches and experiences on the water.


Reggie Chapa


ACK Fishing Team

Hobie Fishing Team