How long you have been kayaking/fishing?

I’ve been fishing all my life, fly fishing for 26 years and kayaking for 5 years.

What got you into it?

As a young kid, I used to fish with family and friends. Living near a lake and rivers in New York helped with fishing every chance we had. I had friends encourage me to get into kayaking. After some kayak trips, I finally made the jump and got my very first kayak.

What type of fishing do you favor?

I prefer Fly Fishing. For me it’s the challenge of presentation and the skill needed to pursue tricky fish. Fly Fishing has taken me to places to pursue species like Tarpon in Florida, Permit and Bonefish in Mexico to Mountain river and lakes across the USA and in Europe to pursue Trout and Grayling. Tying flies is a challenge of itself creating patterns that fish will eat is blood pumping. I’m also a big Euro / Tight Line Nymph fly fisherman.

Anything else, tournaments won, groups you are in, things you want to do in the future..

***In the near future, I have plans to travel to fishing destinations such as the Seychelles, Maldives, Christmas Island and other exotic salt water destinations to chase monsters. I also have plans to travel to places such as Ice Land, Green Land, Slovenia, Bosnia, Austria and other Exotic Trout stream destinations around the world. I’m also big into Euro Nymphng / Tight Lining. I purchased an inflatable paddleboard to be able to travel with and get me on the water while traveling. I belong to GRTU Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited, Trout Unlimited and am a volunteer guide at the GRTU Youth Trout Camp every year. I also belong to the CCA Coastal Conservation Association Texas.
Fishing and the outdoors has always been in my life ever since I could remember. I am originally from The Bronx, New York now living in  Houston, Texas. Growing up, I fished any time I had a chance. I fished Lakes, rivers, ponds or any body of water that I could find fish, I chased them. In 1995, I discovered fly fishing. I got into fly fishing while trying to catch Bass jumping clear out of the water for Dragonflies. I went to a local store and grabbed a $25 fly fishing combo set and the rest is history.
My pursuit for fishing adventures finally led me to kayaking. After friends encouraged me to buy a kayak, it was all over! I was ruined for life. I love tying flies from tiny bugs like Midges for Trout to baitfish patterns for Tarpon! I love it all. I enjoy traveling and look forward to fishing exotic destinations across the world. Having the Texas coast so close gives me the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful coastline in the USA. My biggest accomplishment in life is my Wife and three children who are my biggest fans!

Besnik “Nick” Haxhijaj – ACK Kayak Fishing Team
Houston, Texas USA