I’ve been an avid angler for as long as I can remember. Like many others, fishing has always been at the root of my core. Everybody has stories from their youth. For me my fondest memories usually included riding passenger in my fathers old step side Ford on our way to the bass ponds or the local saltwater fishing piers.

When I got out of the U.S. Navy in 2006, my passion for fishing continued to grow. I spent almost every second of my free time fishing or thinking about fishing. However, I was limited to banks and fishing piers. This just wasn’t enough. I wanted to reach more water but didn’t have the means. That’s when my buddy Tim and I decided to get our first fishing kayak. A Perception Caster 12.5. After that it was all over. Kayak fishing has ruled my free time ever since.

Kayak fishing has been a very addictive hobby. So much so that I was driven to document my outings on the water over the years. This ultimately led to my pursuit of film making and photography. Much of my work can now be viewed on most social media platforms under my trademark, Reel Yakkers.

These days many of my fishing ventures typically involve tournament fishing, YouTube creation and sharing my adventures with the social media world. However, I feel there is so much more I can give the community. What will be next for Ben Maldonado? Only time will tell…