The 2021 Kayak Angler Tournament Series has come to an end! We had a great season even though we had some struggles with everything going on in the world. We want to give a big shout out to all the anglers and sponsors that helped make KATS what it is!

Sam Rayburn is a well known bass fishing lake out in East Texas near Lufkin. We showed up for some perfect weather over the weekend which actually made the fishing a little tougher on the guys. Low winds and no clouds made the anglers easy to spot and fish harder to catch. Not to mention Saturday and Sunday were split up by a time change making the fishing hours slightly different each day.

Saturday started out with super dense fog covering the lake till 8-9am and the fish were coming in slow. Wasn’t until later in the day that they started reeling them in. After day one, it was anybody’s race as the anglers were very close in inches. 

Photo By Joseph Sanderson – @jms_outdoors

Sunday however, more guys seemed to get on the fish early and came in all day long. Maybe this was due to the time change and fishing a little later than they had the day before. For a while we had Jeremiah Smith in the lead with the Big Bass at 22.25” and then Janson Benavides comes in with a 23.75” whopper of a fish! When that came in, we knew that was probably going to hold out for the rest of the day. 

Angler of the Year went out to Tyler Howell! Congratulations! This guy is a great angler and tough competitor to be up against. He walked home with a $5k gift card to ACK, $300 Yak Attack Gift Card and a pretty awesome trophy.

Rookie of the Year goes out to Clint Hopkins! This was the fisherman who scored the highest points that has not placed in a KATS tournament previously who walked home with a $2k gift card to ACK. Some slight confusion on my part during the award ceremony but has since been corrected. I want to thank Fernando Cordway for being so understanding about this.

First Place in the KATS Classic was Jeremiah Smith, who had a total 167.50″ over the two-day period and took home a whopping $10,000 cash prize! I know that will get put to some good use! Congratulations on the win Jeremiah!

Second place went to Aaron Spry who was only a couple inches behind Jeremiah with a total of 165.25″, followed by Joseph Sanderson in 3rd place.











We want to give a big shout out to our sponsors who helped make all this happen and provided the food, drinks, prizes and some of the winnings. We could not have done it without you guys and greatly appreciate everything you have done for us!

Thanks again everybody!

Tight Lines!