@Chapa_TexasRanger - ACK Fishing Team
@Chapa_TexasRanger – ACK Fishing Team

Kayak fishing is all the rage right now as the cool temperature and colorful trees mark the start of a great fishing season. Many anglers look forward to this season because it provides them another fishing opportunity and a more peaceful experience before the winter sets in.

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However, fall kayak fishing also brings certain challenges, so it’s better to prepare for you to make the most out of it. So, as the fall season wears on, here are some tips to make your kayak fishing trip more enjoyable.


Layer up

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As the temperature drops, the need to layer more clothing amplifies. Make the right clothing choices with safety and comfort in mind. One of the best ways to do it is to layer your typical summer fishing outfit—wearing a fit, comfortable top and a light, comfortable, and quick-drying summer shorts such as the Immersion Research Penstock Paddle Shorts. Next, layer your base with a dry top with neoprene wrist closures such as the Mustang Survival ARC 2PS Anorak Dry Top. And lastly, don’t forget to wear your PFD.



Light up

The fall season entails shorter days and longer evenings. For those who prefer a post-work kayak fishing trip, packing extra lighting is necessary. You can check out the Railblaza Visibility Kit II.



Bring your best equipment

@_ThatBassFishingDude_ – ACK Fishing Team

The colder it gets, the more challenging catching a fish is. Since fish are cold-blooded, their metabolism and ability to move slow down. They want to make sure that their energy count, so instead of chasing small baits, fish focus more on chasing bigger baits.


That said, bring your best freshwater spinning reels, a rod that comes with extra sensitivity and strength, and a good paddle.


Additionally, keep in mind to match the hatch. Upsize your offerings, or better yet, pack specialized lures for your ideal catch. For instance, if you want to catch tarpon, make sure to bring with you the best tarpon lures. They should be realistic—better if they come with extra reflection.



Fishing strategy during turnover

Before heading out to a lake, make sure to gather information about your destination, including the day’s weather forecast and its surface temperature, to find out where to start looking for fish. When your lake of destination is turning over (or is going through a fall turnover cycle), what happens is that the cooler water on the bottom part of the lake will mix with the warm water at the surface of the lake for a time period.


You can tell the lake’s in a turnover period if there’s a rapid decrease in water clarity. Water circulation puts particles of clay, silt, and other sediments into suspension, resulting in a murky appearance.


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The fall turnover cycle affects your fishing efforts since fish tend not to stay in unstable water. 


Therefore, focus on shallow points and deeper weeds. As temperature drops and weed beds shrink, fish flock and feed around weed beds. Throw moving baits like swim jigs and crankbaits and wait for your catch.


Bass can be almost anywhere, too, so you may consider using a bait that’s versatile enough for different water depths, such as a spinnerbait.




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Fall is such a great season, and although it’s starting to get chilly outside, it doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the benefits of kayak fishing. So relax, tune in with nature, and have fun kayak fishing with these tips!


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