East Matagorda Bay Texas – June 14, 2021


If you know me, then you know I love kayak fishing in East Matagorda Bay, Texas. Why? Redfish and even more Redfish. These are one of my favorite types of fish to target and catch. My buddy Matt Simpson shot me a text and wanted to meet up for an outing in the marsh. What he didn’t know was that my Diablo Chupacabra was already loaded up and ready to go! 


We met roughly an hour before sunrise in Matagorda and planned out where to target Redfish. The hardest decision is figuring out where to start. We decided to kayak an area where Matt had never been before and best to go in with someone who knows the area. It could get a little tricky in some places as there are a lot of oyster beds and an occasional alligator that you’ll want to be avoiding. 

Google Map of East Matagorda Bay
Google Map of East Matagorda Bay


Well, were we in for a surprise that morning. Gator after gator, both on the shore and in the water. It is peak time for alligator nesting and they were thick in the marsh.

While paddling a section of this area, Matt was standing up in his kayak scanning for signs of redfish, up and down the waterways and grass lines. All of a sudden we heard a deep, long growl and sounded really close! We looked up towards the bank and only a few yards away lay a huge alligator resting in the grass. Think of the sound a lawn mower makes, but real deep and slow.

I shout, “Matt! Sit down now!” Matt says “Was that a Gator?” I replied “YUP!” We paddled on at a heightened pace while hearing baby gators calling out for their mamas in the nearby grass.


Despite all the Gators around us, the only thing we could think about were Redfish. Finally we came to an area that was just full of them. I prep my fly rod and get my line ready to cast. Redfish were slamming shrimp along the banks and grass line which was getting us pumped for these next few casts. I don’t care how many times I’ve witnessed this, I still get crazy excited.

holding a redfish
Holding a Redfish

I see a belly crawler in super shallow water slamming shrimp. I make the cast and almost in an instant, FISH ON! After a short fight, some pics and vids, I released this beauty of a Red. 

Redfish with Lure
Redfish with Lure

Right after that catch I had turned around and noticed the Sunrise. If you have never been to the marsh and have not witnessed a sunrise there, don’t wait any longer. Best views are from the seat of a kayak.

Besnik “Nick” Haxhijaj

ACK Fishing Team

Instagram: @nick_fly_fishing