Fishing Trip with the Boss

I am privileged to have a great relationship with my boss, Mike.  I have worked for him for over 7 years now and we operate well together. Outside of work, I am lucky to call him a friend.

We have fished together in Cabo, Arkansas and all along the Texas Coast.  But this past week, we finally got the chance to take the yaks out in the marsh in Brazoria.  Mike has been kayak fishing since the early 2000’s.  He has a couple Tarpon 120’s that have treated him well over the years but has never fished out of a pedal drive kayak.  We fixed that this trip.


We started by heading over to the ACK New Braunfels store, where we picked up the Hobie Pro Angler 12 demo kayak they had available.  This gave Mike a chance to get familiar with the kayak and talk with the ACK team about pedal drives and how they work.  I have 2 outbacks, but Mike is a bigger guy so I wanted to put him in a Hobie Pro Angler for this trip.  We talked fishing with the guys at the shop and got excited about our trip.  We headed back to Austin, loaded up and got on our way down to the coast.


We arrived at the coast Wednesday afternoon and immediately hit the water.  It was hot.  Temps were in the mid 90’s, but we had cloud cover which helped out a bit.  The area we were fishing has always produced fish for me year round so we were excited to get out there and get our lines wet.  Hot, cold, windy or still – I’ve always made it work and filled the fish bag.  This trip was a bit different.  Salinity levels were incredibly low and we had a full moon each night.  This meant we had to work to find the fish!

The first night we caught 2 slot reds and a keeper flounder.  We cooked the fish that night and they were delicious.  The second day we were on the water at daybreak and fishing hard.  We couldn’t catch a fish to save our lives.  This was frustrating for me because I had been talking a big game to Mike about how well we would do out here.  Murphy’s Law says of course the one time you take your boss, this fishing will be slow.  While perturbed, we didn’t quit. We moved to deeper water with more movement and slowed down our retrieve, bouncing paddle tails off the bottom.  This worked as we were able to land 4 fat flounders.  

Mike loved the Hobie Pro Angler.  He had a good amount of tackle, crate, 4 poles and a big yeti cooler.  The PA held those items and more with ease.  Mike was impressed with the stability of the platform.  He was able to stand at will and lean over the side safely when landing fish.  He was also amazed at how well he could turn quickly in the kayak.  Where we were fishing had strong currents and it was very windy.  Mike was grateful to have his Power Pole that he had switched to the PA from his Bote Rover.  He was also thankful for the 180 drive with kick-up fins that would knock out of the way if he hit bottom..  With that drive, the oyster was more manageable and he could throw the yak in reverse quickly to get out of trouble.

Overall it was an awesome fishing trip with the boss.  While we didn’t catch as many fish as we’d hoped, we had a blast.  We talked about life, the outdoors and how to be happy.  I enjoyed sharing my passion with my buddy and I hear a PA of his own might be in his future!  I’m confident this will be the first kayak trip of many with my boss!

Sean Farmer

ACK Fishing Team

IG: Seanfarmer1

YT: The Sober Fisherman