Days are longer, weather is warmer, and bass fishing is back in full swing! Spring has finally sprung and the bass spawn is on which means great opportunities to catch tons of fish and maybe even your new PB!

But here’s what you need to know to have success this spring:

Bass are shallow right now; in depths of 1-4 feet of water. This means they’re going to be in the back of creek arms, in coves, and in shallow bays. So the more shallow the water, the better.

They’re also trying to stay protected from the wind, so look for areas of the lake and shore lines that aren’t as affected by wind. If there’s strong gust on the water, but you notice a cove, or channel where the water is still relatively calm, go there.

They’re tight to structure. As part of staying safe from the wind, and being an ambush predator, bass are holding tight to hard structures and hiding in grass lines. These are the things you should target when moving into an area.

Throw into the wind. I know it’s annoying and can cause problems, but the way a bass ambushes its prey in the spring is to set up on windblown objects and take the sheltered side. This way when weaker bait fish get blown by, or bluegill swim past to look for cover, they get an easy meal.

Match the hatch. This is a general rule in fishing, but especially now in the spawn when they’re chasing bait fish. Red is still a major player, but bass aren’t sitting around and waiting for craws to creep by anymore. They’re chasing down their meals as their metabolism gears up. So, make sure you match the colors of the bait fish in your fishery that you know bass are chasing so that you can have a higher chance of landing fish. And use bluegill or green pumpkin a lot. Bass and bluegill are usually pretty okay with each other, but become mortal enemies during the spawn. Bass are territorial over their eggs, and bluegill love to snack on them, so throwing bluegill colors should yield a good amount of success.

Throw moving baits. Like I said before, their metabolism is ramping up right now, so they’re chasing down all the food they can get. That means, unless it’s dead calm, you want to be throwing something that moves. Chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, swim jigs, cranks, lipless… all of these are great options right now.

These are all the things that have been working for me lately, and I hope they help to put you on some fish! Tight lines and good times, everyone!

Aaron Sexton

Student Ministries Pastor

Midtowne Church