When the Ice Thawed

It’s late February. It is supposed to be the start of pre-spawn fishing. Instead, much of the United

States is covered in ice, on two separate occasions. The first ice storm comes and ends. However, just days after it thaws, a second ice storm comes. At this point, I am not worried about fishing, but whether or not trees are going to fall on my house or cars.

Fortunately, weeks later in March, it is time to get on the water. The storms have cleared and thawed, no trees fell on my home or cars, and it is time to focus on the 2021 fishing year. On my second outing, I cast a micro paddle tail swimbait with an underspin diagonally toward a common fishing point of mine. During the cast, I have a minor backlash. As I start to pull the line out, I know I am wasting time. The cast was in the perfect spot and a fish could already be on. I scramble to get my casting reel to the ready position and start reeling in the slack.

Immediately I feel tension on my braided line, and set the hook. What I thought was going to occur, happened. There was a fish on. As I work the fish closer to the left side of my FeelFree Moken, I realize the fish is mature and would make a great first fish for 2021. Before I could get the net, it raises its head a few inches above the waterline, shakes left and right, and throws my hook and swimbait out of its mouth. I gave a quick shout, “Nooo!” A moment later however, I chuckled, knowing that this was how the year had to start to give me motivation to not let the next one get away.


The downs of bass angling make the ups that much better.


By: Dominik Wilson

Instagram: @thereelaccountant

Facebook: Dominik Wilson

Email: d.landon.w10@gmail.com