This week has been a tough one to get through for me. Not because work is piling up or because of any other life stressors, but because the weather has been giving us warm, sunny days… which means we’re officially starting to enter prespawn. And doing anything else besides fishing right now is maddening for me!
And maybe it is for you too. Maybe you’ve had your boat put up all winter and you’ve hit the point where every time you pass a body of water on a warmer sunny day it just calls out to you. Or maybe you’ve fished through the dead of winter with little to show for it (like me) and you’re ready for the bite to pick up.
Well the waiting is over! Winter isn’t quite over yet, but as we keep getting warm strings of days with sunny weather, the bass are starting to creep up from their winter haunts and prepare for the spawn. And that means prime opportunity for fishing!
So if you get the chance to get out on one of these days, here’s what you should look for in terms of bass fishing:
Bass are just starting to test the shallows and spook easily, so you’re going to want to be careful in your boat. Make a concerted effort to be quiet when you move around as any loud noise or vibration can spook them. If you do scare them off, they won’t be back around until the weather gets nice again.
Also, try to look for spots with a more gradual incline instead of a steep drop off. Bass are slowly creeping up when the sun comes out and begins to warm the surface of the water, but when it’s gone and the front moves back in, they’ll slink back down into the deep again. Those gradual inclines away from flats and tapering points make doing that easy for them, so they’ll most likely be hanging out there.
Throw anything with red or orange. Bass are keying in on craws as they try to fatten up for the spawn so medium to shallow diving squarebills, lipless cranks, chatterbaits, and even spinner baits with red or orange in them should work well. When rains move in, normally clear water becomes stained  and stained water becomes murky. But red stands out in all of those waters.
Try to stay in front of warm fronts. Southern storms bring warm air with them which, again, warms the surface of the water. If you know a storm is blowing in from the south, the few days before hand should be good fishing days.
Fish during the full moon. Most fisherman know that the moon plays a huge role in saltwater fishing, but it also has a great impact on freshwater fishing as well. It pushes fish up shallow, especially the big ones. So big moon equals big fish.
Those are the biggest things you should look for over the next month or so that will add up to a good day of fishing for you. I hope they help and that you see lots of tight lines.
Aaron Sexton