If you’ve heard of Diablo Paddlesports Kayaks, you know two things. First it’s a Texas household name and second the stability of these hybrid SUP kayaks are unmatched. Designed with a flat open deck for the fly fisherman in mind, it’s the ultimate fishing and kayaking machine. 


The Diablo’s design allows maximum stability when standing up sight casting to Redfish or whatever you’re chasing. The design not only allows to stand and fish with ease, but it drafts in inches of super skinny water. No balancing acts on this kayak. Stability is the name of the game. Want to ride the Diablo down rapids? No sweat. 


I’ve paddled Diablo kayaks in all kinds of places like the Devils, Guadalupe and Llano Rivers in Texas, lakes and my ultimate favorite the Texas marsh. Push poling or paddling through the grass flats sneaking up on redfish with minimal hull slap makes this thing stealthy. Going on over night River trips? The Diablo has plenty of room to hold all your gear. 


Diablo Paddlesports has three different models to choose from. The Adios, Chupacabra and the Amigo. All are fully customizable. From using a Larry Chair to using a cooler for a seat, let your imagination run with these kayaks. All have their own personality, and all are just Diablo’s! 

By: Besnik “Nick” Haxhijaj

ACK Kayak Fishing Team

Instagram: @Nick_Fly_Fishing