KATS 2021

Here in central Texas, the Kayak Angler’s Tournament Series has been a marquee trail for kayak anglers of all skill levels! Every year we work to support the kayak fishing community by providing a well rounded tournament trail that targets some of the best bass fisheries in the central Texas region. This year we have made some new changes to KATS that we think will help this grow into something truly special, we can’t wait for y’all to be a part of it! After a rough year for everyone, we’re excited for the new year to roll in and we’re just down right excited for another year of competition, camaraderie, and giant bass!

New to KATS

Over the years there has always been a Social/Pro division dividing up our peers in a way that we feel doesn’t necessarily represent what the sport of kayak fishing is all about. This year, we want to join those forces as we have seen numerous Social Division anglers make their way to the top. The amount of knowledge a new angler can gain from fishing just one KATS event is remarkable; so our goal is to bring everyone together to help this sport continue to grow organically! Furthermore, we have also introduced some new rules in regards to Captain’s Meetings, scoring fish, and launch times. Please feel free to view the rules for this season at www.fishkats.com — However, the biggest change we have made this year, is the payout formula for the regular season as well as the Classic Championship. In 2021 the KATS Classic 1st place winner is going to win $10,000! This is going to be the biggest first place payout KATS has ever seen, and this time everyone gets a chance at glory! Thank you so much to the help from our awesome sponsors including Fat Tire, YETI, Yak Attack, NRS, and many more!

Event #1 Decker Lake/COVID Restrictions

This is going to be an awesome event with lots of really big fish caught — Decker lake fishes great in the colder months because it’s a power plant lake with lots of good grass. Not to mention, the event afterwards is going to be a pretty good time with Gift Cards, prizes, flippin’ contests, and lots more. Just come on out and see for yourself! As we get closer to our first event on January 30th, I’d like to mention that we may still be dealing with current COVID guidelines, or even greater ones depending on how this next month plays out. We fully plan to make every event on the calendar as normal as possible so that we can finally get back to our normal lives as tournament anglers but please be understanding if some things have to change due to COVID guidelines/park rules.

I’m looking forward to the event and getting to see new/familiar faces! While I’m excited to see y’all, I just want to remind everyone to go over the rules if you are unsure of anything, doing your part as the angler to make sure everything is done properly will make everyone’s day much more enjoyable — I don’t want to have to disqualify any fish so check out those rules! As always I’m open to any questions, comments, or concerns so please feel free to reach out to me anytime! This year is going to be awesome but the future of the Kayak Angler’s Tournament Series is even more exciting. Let’s go have a great year, a great season, and catch some big ol’ Bass!

Kaden Pasawicz

Tournament Director