I remember my first time fishing out of a kayak in 2008.  Stealthily gliding through the water, I finally understood why more and more people were buying kayaks.  I recall the smirk on my friend’s face when I caught my first yak fish that day. The look on his face screamed, “You get it now?”…I surely did.

Over 10 years later, I have been the one many times with the smile on my face that asks, “Now you see what I was talking about?”  I cannot convey how cool it is to watch someone experience the awe of the sunrise from a kayak for the first time.  Or to watch someone catch that special fish while the sky dances during a sunset.

For the longest time I enjoyed going out by myself.  I loved the “me” time I experienced while fishing alone in my kayak.  Stowing my phone deep in the hatch, there is nothing to distract me from the experience.  While I still relish my alone time, the satisfaction of helping others get into kayak fishing has really grown on me.

It seems weird to admit, but the “high” I get from helping someone catch their first fish in a kayak is as fulfilling as catching the fish myself… Strange but true.  I had the opportunity to take my sister out a few weeks ago.  She was on a mission to catch her first slot redfish from the kayak.  The night before our outing, I spent a few hours going over the kayak she would be using, as well as explaining how to work each lure and how to set the hook.  She took mental notes and was fired up for the next day.  The following morning we hit the water at 6 AM and made our way to a back lake.  Not only did she catch her first slot redfish, but had a limit before me.  It was an awesome experience and definitely solid brother/sister bonding time.  Needless to say, I get a call from her every other day now asking when we can go again.

I have also learned a lot about patience when taking people out for their first time.  Snapped poles, wind knots in spinning reels, lures stuck on the shore – there is no shortage of instances where you get to practice patience when out with a newbie.  I was fortunate enough to have a patient friend take me out my first time, and today I get to hopefully share that same experience myself.

If you mainly hit the water solo, rock on – but I would encourage you to try taking someone out for their first time.  You will learn a lot about yourself, but more importantly get to practice being of service to someone else!

Sean Farmer

ACK Fishing Team

Hobie Fishing Team

IG: Seanfarmer1

YT: The Sober Fisherman