Chris Castro recently participated in the 2020 IFA Kayak Fishing Tour and pulled out some monster redfish! Chris has been on of the original members of the ACK KFT and is consistently pulling out amazing fish and sharing his experiences through his social media pages.

Here is the recap from Chris:
Pre Fishing Day 1
Biggest Redfish: 48”
Biggest Trout: 22”
Total Length 70”
A recent north wind would make things interesting for me going into this. Typically this can impact my trout fishing in this particular area, but trout bite held strong day 1. A total of 4 trout ranging between 18-22 inches. A few redfish went between 42-48 ish inches. Off the water by 10am.
Tournament Day
Biggest Redfish: 47.50” (tournament only allowed 45” as it ran off the tournament board)
Trout: 0”
The plan was to be off the water again by 10am as I felt confident on the size of redfish I could bring up. At 8:25 the redfish fight was on. Was far to big to lay straight on the kayak so I hit land for measurement. Pictures submitted at around 8:40am leaving me plenty of time for trout.
I’m pretty familiar with fishing in my area and I’ve seen how quickly these trout can shuffle in and out. Unfortunately this was the case on day 2 and the trout bite was completely shut down (very rare).
A little upsetting to say the least with trout being one of my favorite species to target. As I said on stage… That’s the nature of the beast, live by it, die by it. Again congrats to everyone, was great seeing everybody. Till next time.
Chris Castro
ACK Kayak Fishing Team
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