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NextLevelFishingTVFishing and the great outdoors have always been with me, but it wasn’t until I noticed the east coast style of kayak fishing that would eventually change my life. I wanted to experience the organized chaos of close combat fishing, and kayak fishing gave me that. Like similar stories in the industry, my first big investment was a 26″ wide $300 heritage kayak off Craigslist. Super tippy kayak and a lot of lessons learned back then.

When the action camera craze began around the GoPro Hero 1 days, I decided to share my experiences with friends and family. To me kayak fishing had become the next-level of fishing. I decided to launch a fishing show called Next Level Fishing TV via YouTube in 2015, and by 2016 the channel received notice after winning the YakAngler award for Video of the Year.  It wasn’t until 2017 when I begin taking filming and editing a little more serious. Cerco Entertainment reached out to consider having my own Television show via Pursuit Channel. We piloted and aired a few episodes and to my surprised they did fantastic, but I could not do it on my own. The show helped me began writing for national and global publications about the wonderful sport of kayak fishing by 2018.

Many of these publishers helped me point out historical accomplishments that I had no idea I had done. My trip to Mexico for trophy Bass in cartel territory was a controversial one but held some very interesting German history close to the border. We where the first kayak anglers to touch this body of water.  My two year journey for a sailfish that would eventually end in dramatic fashion obtaining the first and only video documentation of a Texas Sailfish in 30-40 ft of water. The video would eventually tour the world in 2019 becoming a finalist for the ‘Paddle Film Festival World Tour’. That year I would also become the only known offshore kayak angler to win an offshore tournament against power boats.

I’m always after something new and this past year I’ve done that. It was my goal after my Trophy Series Show to enter the tournament scene a little and film that side of things. I had an opportunity to give my audience 7 tournament winning episodes, which I was stoked to be able to do.

As of today I continue to produce my show and contribute my adventures even far beyond the camera. I’m still currently writing and have contributed to Kayak Angler Magazine, Paddling Magazine, Florida Sportsman Magazine, Saltwater Angler Magazine, and Texas Fishing Magazine. It’s also been great working with some of the best in the industry. It’s now my second year with the ACK Fishing team, and I can’t express enough how much I appreciate all the support. I also continue to do work for other great companies like Railblaza, YakGear, Old Town, and Bixpy who all funnel into my #KayakFishingHQ at Austin Canoe & Kayak. As for what’s next, well you’ll just have to find that out at

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