If you’re reading this, it’s too late. You’re already hooked on kayaking and you’re ready to take it to the next level!

It’s time to upgrade your paddling accessories to make sure you’re getting the most out of your days on the water.

Upgrade Your Life Jacket:

Being comfortable on the water is the most important thing when spending a full day paddling. While basic life jackets might get the job done, there are some specific features to look for when upgrading your PFD for comfort.

High-back or thin-back life jackets maximize comfort by allowing the paddler to sit back in their seat without feeling like they’re being pushed forward. Being able to paddle with proper posture will reduce fatigue and ultimately lead to longer, happier days paddling.

Now that you’re comfortable in your seat, the last thing you want to do is scramble around the deck of your kayak looking for gear. That’s why we recommend a life jacket that has an adequate amount of storage pockets to accommodate the gear you’ll be using regularly.

Here are a couple new life jackets at ACK that will upgrade your kayaking experience:

NRS Chinook Offshore PFD

With a fit and design inspired by our best selling Chinook life jacket, the Chinook Offshore Fishing PFD has added features for open-water safety and convenience. The Chinook OS is a Type III, medium profile life jacket delivering 16.5 pounds of flotation. PlushFit™ foam and a high-back design create an extremely comfortable vest for any type of raft or kayak seat.

While this life jacket was designed for Offshore Anglers, many kayak fisherman are upgrading to this version for the added features and comfort!

Astral Designs Ringo Life Jacket

The Astral Ringo’s tri-panel front provides body-conforming, full coverage with a slim fit while its burly materials, QR harness compatibility, and easy access pocket make it an excellent choice for all weather conditions.

Upgrade Your Paddle:

Not all paddles are created equal. Finding the perfect paddle is the next step to upgrade your kayaking experience. Don’t treat your paddle as an after-thought!

If you’ve used a basic paddle for more than a day, you understand the soreness and fatigue that paddles can cause. When upgrading your paddle, the three main things to consider are weight, material, and adjustability.

A lightweight and rigid paddle will maximize your paddling efforts. A less rigid paddle will ultimately flex, leading to over exertion and energy loss. When spending a full day on the water, you’ll want to maximize every paddle to save energy.

Adjustability allows the paddle to fit multiple people and be used on a variety of kayaks if you decided to change kayaks or add another one to your stable.

Here are a couple of paddles that will upgrade your kayaking experience:

Bending Branches Slice Hybrid Plus Paddle

The Bending Branches Slice Hybrid Plus Kayak Paddle has the durability you demand without the added weight. This paddle features a fiberglass re-enforced nylon blade on a carbon shaft – a fantastic combo! Also, the Slice Hybrid Plus features a unique telescoping ferrule so you can simply adjust, twist and go!

Bending Branches Angler Classic Plus Telescoping Kayak Paddle

A face-lift for the previous Slice Angler, the Angler Classic is slightly lighter but still has the strength that Bending Branches paddles are known for. With features like a tape measure on the shaft and a hook retrieval built right into the blade, this paddle offers more than efficiency and convenience. The Plus ferrule design allows the length to be adjusted up to 15 cm. Bringing together classic Bending Branches quality and a new look, the Angler Classic looks good in all waters. It will help you bring your A-game to your kayaking obsession.

Upgrade Your Kayak Fishing Accessories:

Everyone has their own style when it comes to kayak fishing. However, two things remain important for all; Being able to keep your gear organized and being able to transport your fully rigged kayak.

Having a crate or rod holder is critical. Easily accessible and secure fishing rods will vastly improve a fishing trip. When you see the Red Fish tailing, you’ll be able to act quickly and when the waters get rough, you won’t have to worry about losing your gear.

Fishing kayaks are getting heavier and we’re only getting older. Most fully rigged fish kayaks weigh over 100lbs and the only practical way to transport them when the boat ramp isn’t an option is a kayak cart or landing gear.

Here are a couple of fishing accessories to help upgrade your kayaking experience:

YakAttack AR Tube Rod Holder w/ Track Mounted LockNLoad

The YakAttack Advanced Rod Tube™, new for 2019, is our take on the classic tube-style rod holder designed for spinning and casting rods and reels. It features a gimbal lock that flips into place to accommodate longer rods. The AR Rod Tube is track-mount ready with a LockNLoad™ Mounting System. The LockNLoad system offers unrivaled track-mount security and is incredibly easy to adjust through its patent-pending design.

C-Tug Kayak Cart

Built to last, the C-Tug Kayak Cart is made of non-corroding engineering polymers, with stainless steel reinforced axles and puncture-proof rubber tires. Unlike any other cart in the paddle sport arena today, the C-Tug continues to amaze enthusiasts with its rugged appeal, incredible strength and satisfying good looks. This cart is designed for all terrains to get you paddling in places you’ve only dreamed of. The C-Tug requires no tools and assembles and dismantles in seconds, allowing you to stow it in your canoe or kayak hatch to take to your next destination.