2019 is officially underway! As you have likely made personal resolutions, we also challenge you to get out on the water more this New Year.

Experiencing your favorite national and state parks definitely counts as adventure, but there are more activities to consider that provide an adventurous twist. For instance, instead of hiking, consider going with the flow, literally, and try paddling a nearby river or lake. This new adventure will give you a fresh perspective on a place close to your heart.

On the other hand, if you’re not one to log miles on a hiking trail or in the backcountry, paddling could be your gateway into the outdoors!

Here are our top 4 reasons to commit to a paddling adventure for 2019!

1. Health

If you’re like most people, getting fit is your number one New Years resolution.

It may be difficult to get out right now due to the winter weather, but this could serve as the best time of year to set yourself up for a paddling fitness program that will reap rewards come spring. Unlike running on hard pavement or riding a stationary bike in noisy and crowded gym, paddling provides a non-impact, relaxing and enjoyable workout.

2. Convenience

Another advantage to paddling compared to other watersports is how quickly you can be on the water, especially if you live close to a lake, pond or river.

If you already have your gear stored in your kayak, all it takes is a few minutes to load it up. When you reach your destination, you typically don’t have to wait in line to launch — just go! You’ll develop a consistent routine and maximize your time and efficiency when getting on and off the water.

3. Fun

There’s no question about it: People enjoy paddling. When you work up a sweat and need to cool off, you’re inches away from the water where you can hop in and out almost effortlessly. Whether you’re out to experience a peaceful paddle alone, take on the surf, cast a line or traverse some rapids, you’re setting yourself up for a great time.

4. Community

Another resolution that many will try to follow through with is to spend more time with their families and friends. Setting up weekend- or day-paddle trips will not only encourage you to spend more time with those close to you, but it will also create unforgettable experiences for everyone involved.

Not everyone has a kayak, so consider adding another one as a backup, send them over to ACK or remind them that rentals are always an option. So as you begin to plan your adventures for 2019 make sure you include those who you want to spend more time with.

Whether you have a seasoned adventurous soul, or you are just getting the itch to get outdoors, paddling can scratch that itch for further exploration. Get outside this New Year, hike new trails, visit new parks and try new activities!

If you’re ready to commit to this new year of adventure, but need some direction on what to purchase, check out these great resources!