Product Description: Introducing the 360° Angler from Blue Sky Boatworks, a pedal driven watercraft designed and built for those ready to step on to a fishing experience with the convenience and stability of a big boat and the exploration possibilities of a kayak or canoe. The hull system was designed for both stability as well as speed and the maneuverability. Walk right off the dock onto the deck; move about with complete confidence; appreciate the freedom of movement and the wide open area to bring along all your gear, your dog or even one of the little ones.

You will then be amazed at the comfort and adjustability of the swivel seat, how quickly you get the craft up to speed and keep it there with very little effort. Surrounding you are gear tracks, rod holders, storage areas for all your gear. Personalize your fishing experience with unlimited flexibility in where you store your tackle and equipment. With every fishing style comes the need to customize your watercraft and the Blue Sky 360 Angler allows you the power to do so!

Photos provided by Blue Sky Boatworks


• 12:1 crank ratio translates into more performance with less exertion
• Chair is built for comfort with a breathable and soft seating design allowing for customized comfort for both sitting and pedaling.
• Integrated wheel system
• Deck designed for customization
• Dis-assembles in minutes for transport, each piece weighs less 45 lbs making it a one-person job


Length – 13ft 4in
Width – 48in
Weight – 140lbs
Capacity – 500lbs
Material – Polyethylene

Pedaling Performance:

How well a kayak pedals in incredibly important. After all, it doesn’t matter how great a fishing platform one of these is if you can’t stand getting it to your favorite fishing hole. That said, for being such a large boat, the 360 Angler tracks really well and gets moving fairly quickly. Thanks to the oversized rudder, I found it turning with a decent radius; however, the steering system took some time to get used to.

Photos provided by Blue Sky Boatworks


It really doesn’t get much more stable than the 360 Angler. At 48 inches wide, along with the catamaran hull design, I found myself comfortable standing and moving around the deck. It feels almost like a floating dock. With a little practice you’ll find yourself moving freely between the bow and stern portions of the deck without much thought, freeing yourself up to focus on fishing.

The elevated seat makes it an breeze to stand up / sit down while also serving as sort of a stand and cast bar. The swivel seat is easily one of the best features of this kayak.

Photos provided by Blue Sky Boatworks

Use Cases:

The 360 Angler is best suited for lakes, large rivers, and inshore saltwater fishing.

If you find yourself pedaling the 360 Angler in a smaller body of water, it may be difficult to maneuver in and out of tights spots.

With the drive lifted out of the water, this boat can get into shallow water, allowing you to poll around while sight casting at tailing fish.

Photos provided by Blue Sky Boatworks


Overall Thoughts:

The 360 Angler from Blue Sky Boatworks is a FISHING MACHINE. The stability is unmatched and it’s included features help outfit your fishing experience without any additional modifications needed.

While most people wouldn’t consider this to be a kayak, I can comfortably say for the kayak anglers looking to take their fishing game to the next level, the 360 Angler could be the next step!