Hobie is known for making top of the line kayaks, so it’s no surprise that they also make a plethora of high quality accessories. Whether you’re looking to land a new personal best catch or gain a little edge and earn the top spot in a tournament, Hobie accessories can help.

Here are the top four Hobie products that make my day on the water a more successful one!

1. The Hobie Kayak H-Bar

Hobie kayaks are known for their performance and stability. Designed with kayak anglers in mind, the H-Bar takes this stability to the next level. This accessory gives you a rock solid brace to lean against while standing up and fishing in your kayak.

Additionally, the H-Bar acts as an aid in getting in to and out of the kayak. Being able to rest your body weight against the H-Bar reduces back and leg fatigue, allowing you to fish on your feet longer. I appreciate this because being able to stand and fish gives me a better vantage point to see that redfish cruising a flat, or a bass sitting on a spawning bed. It’s easy to install and folds down flat and out of the way when not in use.

Lastly, Hobie has made the entire H-Bar out of their versatile H Rail material, allowing you to attach any of their H Rail accessories to it. So whether it’s a rod holder, cup holder, spot light, or even a depth finder you can have it mounted at an arm’s length on the H Bar.

2. The Hobie H-Rail Tackle Bin

Staying organized on the water is important to me, but between constantly switching lures and tactics, my kayak used to end up covered in soft plastics, hooks, and terminal tackle. The H-Rail Tackle Bin has totally alleviated this problem. Now I have a single secure place to collect all my clutter throughout my fishing trip.

The H-Rail Bin can also be used to hold various tools like pliers and line cutters. It has two bungees on top to help secure the top tray which acts as a lid for the larger storage area below. This saves me a bunch of time when I’m packing up after a tournament to head to weigh in. Before, I would have to search around for all my loose tackle before hitting the road. Now I simply strap down the top tray and go.  

3. Hobie Spare Fin and Mast Kit

If you spend a lot of time in a Hobie kayak, you are inevitably going to hit something.  

Whether you are trying to navigate through timber too quickly or chasing a school of reds across a reef littered bay, you are going to find that submerged stump or clump of oyster that could put a halt to a good day of fishing. Having the Spare fin and mast kit and a couple of simple hand tools on board will quickly get you back to ripping lips.

4. The Hobie Rectangular Hatch Drop-In Bucket

Every kayak angler needs easily accessible dry storage. Whether you are in a Pro Angler that comes with the square hatch, or you have had one installed in any other model, the Hobie Drop-in Bucket gives will keep your valuables dry and safe. This is definitely an overlooked accessory that both the angler and recreational kayaker will appreciate.