At this point in the summer, you’ve had plenty of time to paddle around that kayak of yours. And while you’re loving the ride, it may be time to take it to the next level!

Check our top recommendations to upgrade your kayak, whether it be for fishing or just for fun.

Upgrades for Fishing

1. Anchor Wizard Kayak Anchoring System

Don’t let high winds and strong currents ruin a good day of fishing. Get yourself a solid anchor set up so you can focus on the spots you want to fish without having to constantly reposition yourself.

We recommend the Anchor Wizard Kayak Anchoring System, a complete kayak anchor system with a revolutionary spool designed to contain up to 60 feet of 1/8″ anchor line. Simply turn the handle backward to drop your anchor with a free-spool release. Just a clockwise crank of the handle will lock the spool and keep you anchored in place while you fish away without fighting the wind or current.

Customer Review: “Purchased the low profile Anchor Wizard from ACK for my Native Ultimate 14.5 and I am very pleased with this product. A little pricey but the more I use it the more I like it. I have mine mounted on slide track and 4 installed 4 inch track on stern for rear anchor holder so if I want to remove it it’sno big deal and there aren’t extra holes in yak. Tip .. If you mount it on the track tighten down with the Allen screws. Just manually tightening the thumb screw will prevent the unit from slipping when anchored in current. I can also unclip it from the anchor and feed it through my trolley line if needed. Very pleased with this product. It sure beats a bunch of loose line and a cleat!” – Roger M.

2. YakAttack BlackPak

When setting yourself up for an enjoyable day of kayak fishing, organization is key. You don’t want to waste time scrambling around looking for gear when you could be casting.

Enter the  YakAttack BlackPak crate system. This crate has set a new standard in rod, tackle, and gear management on kayaks and standup paddleboards. It ships flat and assembles quickly using common hand tools.

The interlocking design creates incredible strength, promising many years of trouble-free service. Its clean, tactical appearance demands attention and the rapidly developing line of YakAttack BlackPak accessories means there’s always another problem solving innovation around the corner.

Customer Review: “The Blackpak is awesome, so much better than a milkcrate. Good materials, great design and tough as a tank. Customization is unlimited. It comes with 3 awesome rod holders that can be placed all over the Blackpak using predrilled holes. Add a couple of gear tracks and any accessories you want. I’m thinking of buying another one for my other kayak. No more zip ties all over a milk crate to add stuff… excellent product” – Douglas D.

3. Lowrance Hook2-5 Splitshot 

If the fishing hasn’t been as hot as you anticipated this summer, it may be time to get a fishing finder. Fish finders give you insight about underwater structure and fish movement patterns. That means less time spent blindly casting and more time setting the hook.

The HOOK2-5 SplitShot is the world’s easiest fish finder, with simple menus, easy access to key functions and Auto-tuning sonar. Powered by proven Lowrance® performance, the HOOK2-5 SplitShot features wide-angle, High CHIRP coverage and DownScan Imaging™, plus a simple and accurate GPS Plotter.

Just plug it in and fish, it’s that easy. SplitShot 2-in-1 sonar makes it easier to stay on the fish, delivering the best traditional sonar views and lifelike images of fish-holding structure beneath and beside your boat. Plus, the 5 inch SolarMAX screen makes reading your display a breeze.

Upgrades for Fun

1.  OSO Bay Impulse Slider Kayak Paddle

Now that you’re ready to spend all day on the water, invest in the right gear to prevent mid-morning fatigue. A light-weight paddle is the first step in the right direction.

The OSO Bay Impulse slider kayak paddle is the one paddle to rule them all. Whether you have a high-low seat or multiple kayaks, the Impulse paddle will work for you. The slider ferrule allows you to adjust the length of the paddle between 230 – 240 centimeters so you can paddle comfortably at any seat height. It features a full carbon shaft for feather-weight paddling all day.

The hybrid-style ABS blades work well in a high or low seating position. They can provide plenty of power for punching through the surf or getting to your favorite spot in minimal time or you can use a touring stroke for all-day paddling comfort. The Impulse paddle is so versatile, you’re going to wish everything in your life worked like this!

2. Comfy Deluxe Big Back Kayak Seat

The next step towards a comfortable day on the water is keeping your backside comfortable all day. A simple seat upgrade will give you added cushioning and back support.

Consider the Comfy Deluxe Big Back Kayak Seat.  It has a 19 in. tall seat back with 2 water bottle holders and a large back pocket. It also features a thick padded seat for added comfort and adjustable/removable lumbar support.

Customer Review: “This seat is like a Lazy Boy recliner compared to the one that came with my kayak. The product is highly recommended, and the service from ACK cannot be surpassed.” – Robert B.

3. CreekKooler Floating Cooler – 30 Quart

Don’t have space on your kayak for a cooler? Check this out.

The CreekKooler is a unique cooler that is perfectly suited for a day on the water. It has a 30 quart capacity and holds up to 30 cans of beer and 20 pounds of ice. It can also be used as dry storage.

The CreekKooler features 4 cup holders on the deck, blow molded construction, and foamed insulation. The CreekKooler also has a flag holder and reinforced tow points on both ends.

Customer Review: “So far, so good! I’m going kayak camping in 2 weeks, so I figured this would be a great option to offload some substantial weight from my kayak to this tow-behind CreekKooler (or, as we’ve christened it, “Baby Kayak Junior”). We took it out for a test run in a large local lake after adding about 25lbs. of cans and weights. The weight was a bit too centered under the hatch, and it listed slightly to port, and when I paddled for speed, the CreekKooler did flip. Two good lessons learned: 1) distribute your weight evenly and 2) the CreekKooler remains buoyant even upside down. We were able to turn it upright, open the hatch and shift things around without too much trouble (while on the water), and we continued testing. The lake was glassy smooth, so I haven’t experienced towing “Baby Kayak Junior” in choppy waters, but I suspect we will be fine on our trip providing we practice good weight distribution. Looking forward to towing ice, cans, and dinner fixings in upstate NJ in two weeks!”

These are just a few great products to help improve your kayak adventures. There are plenty more accessories that may be better suited for your style of paddling. For all kayaking accessories, head over to!