I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, but it is incredibly important to keep water with you while kayaking. This blog will go over three of the most popular methods of hydration for paddlers, and hopefully, help you figure out which is right for you.

By far the most popular way to stay hydrated while kayaking, or really while doing anything that needs extra hydration, is using a water bottle. A water bottle is super simple; it’s just a container you fill with water before you head out so you can bring it with you. Obvious, I know, but this is really one of the most effective hydration solutions you can find if only because water bottles have such a wide range in terms of size, features, and capabilities.  

Water Bottles are often insulated, meaning you can keep your water cold, and you certainly aren’t limited to only water if you use one, although I strongly recommend drinking water while out and about, even if you drink other things. Of course, there are a few downsides to using a water bottle, the biggest being capacity.  

Once you run out of water in a water bottle, that’s it until you can find another clean water source. So this solution works great for day trips and any time you don’t plan on being gone for much longer than a few hours.

The next hydration option is a hydration pack. Like a water bottle, a hydration pack helps you stay hydrated by allowing you to bring clean water with you. The difference is that a hydration pack straps to your back like a backpack and can allow you to carry more water than most water bottles will be able to hold. They also are convenient in that they will feature a straw, so you will constantly have instant water access, which is nice if you plan on having your hands occupied while you are trying to drink.  

Of course, hydration packs have the same fundamental flaw as water bottles, and that is that you can run out of water. Hydration packs are also more difficult to clean than a water bottle, so they are not always more convenient. That said, because they hold more than most water bottles, hydration packs can help you go a little further than a water bottle.

Hydration packs make for a great hydration option for daytrippers who’ll be out longer than a standard water bottle will get you, while still limiting you to single day voyages.

The last hydration option I want to talk about are filters. Filters allow you to filter the water you find in nature for hydration, meaning that this solution is often the smallest, most lightweight, and has the capacity to keep you hydrated for the longest stretch of time.  

Filters come in a variety of sizes and filtration capabilities, so you can choose the right one for the job you are doing. The downsides to filters are that they will eventually clog and stop filtering, they can get quite expensive on the higher end, and they only allow you to drink water.  The water from filters will also be the same temperature as the water source, so keep that in mind in hot environments. That said, filters allow you to go the furthest of all of the options, as they can filter thousands of liters of water, much more than you could carry with you.

Filters are also a great idea to keep with you even if you have a water bottle or hydration pack, as it allows you to fill your container with clean water once you run out.  All of these factors make filters a great idea for multi day voyages and excursions.

If you want more help on deciding the right hydration solution for you, feel free to visit us or contact our experts. We’re more than happy to try and help get you out there on the water and make the experience a good one.

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