When it comes to kayak fishing, our customers take their rigs very seriously. Each angler has a unique set up, catered to their personal style of fishing.

Everything from fishing accessories to safety equipment, and even DIY projects, they all have a place in our customers’ experience.

Here’s a kayak fishing machine from an ACK Customer, featuring the Old Town Predator PDL!

The Old Town Predator PDL Kayak is bringing hands-free fishing to the Predator kayak family. The Predator PDL hull was designed in conjunction with the PDL Drive for the perfect combination of stability and speed. It will get you to your favorite fishing spots quickly and efficiently and and the seamless forward and reverse will give you exact boat control in wind and currents. The drive installs in and seconds and can be tipped up out of the way instantly for obstructions and shallow water docking. Coming in at 21 lbs, the PDL Drive is so lightweight that it will even float. In addition to the new PDL drive, the Predator hull still has everything you love about the Predator series including the Element seating system, center console, mounting plates, and generous storage options. The Predator PDL comes with the pedal drive and rudder so you are ready to get out on the water fishing right away.

Added Accessories

Boonedox Landing Gear

Railblaza Camera Mount Kit

Railblaza Extenda Pole 1000

NOCQUA Pro Kit Battery Pack

Fish Finder


The Old Town Predator PDL maximizes your fishing experience by allowing you to throw more casts while covering water more efficiently. The stability will provide the opportunity to stand and sight cast as well as maneuver comfortably around the deck of the kayak. While this boat is large and slightly heavier than the average kayak, the tracking performance is top notch. With the landing gear from Boonedox, transporting the Predator PDL is a breeze.

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