We all struggle buying gifts for our fathers. The typical options just seem limiting and repetitive:

Dress shirts.
(How many ties can one man own?)

Now that Father’s Day is just around the corner, we encourage you to think outside of the usual, boring box and check out our 2018 Father’s Day Gear Guide containing some of the best products sold on ACK.com.

Here are 10 featured products from the 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide to kickstart your imagination and go in a different direction to outfit your dad for any adventure:

1. Bonafide SS107 Fishing Kayak

For the dad who’s been fishing from the bank for far too long. This kayak from Bonafide will get him away from the shore and onto the water for new experiences at some of his favorite places. 

The SS107 fishing kayak from Bonafide was designed by anglers, for anglers and is loaded with features you won’t find anywhere else. The hybrid cat hull design provides maximum stability without sacrificing paddling performance. The SS107 features the incredibly comfortable HiRise seating system. The ultra-high seat allows you to sit with your knees bent, taking pressure off of your lower back.

If you want to really dig in and cover some distance, the SeatRack and foldable seat frame allow quick and quiet conversion to a lower position. An under the seat Junk Drawer keeps all your gear close at hand for ultimate convenience and multiple rod and paddle management points ensure you’re never too far from what you need. The Bonafide SS107 is truly an incredible fishing kayak.


2. Feelfree Lure 11.5 w/Overdrive Pedal Drive

For the dad who’s ready to take his kayak fishing game to the next level. The Overdrive pedal system from Feelfree offers a hands-free kayak fishing experience, allowing for more casts while covering water more efficiently!

Feelfree Kayaks is taking kayak fishing to a new level with the Lure 11.5 kayak. It still has all the stability, comfort, and versatility as the original Lure 11.5, with the addition of the Overdrive Pedal Drive. The Overdrive features the modern evolution of pedal powered kayak propulsion offering effortless speed, ease of use and adaptability. The Lure 11.5 also includes a variety of unique features including a removable multi-level, multi-position extra wide Gravity Seat, Feelfree’s wheel in the keel, and Uni-Track system.

The patent pending Feelfree Gravity Seat offers the widest range of seat heights which is adjusted with the simple function of a lever and is removable – the Feelfree Gravity Seat is the new high. The Lure’s super-stable 34″ wide hull paired with a padded standing platform gives you the option to paddle or cast in either the sitting or standing position whether fishing inland waters or wide open oceans – this kayak fears no water.


3. C-Tug Kayak Cart w/ Sandtrakz Wheels

For the dad who comes home from paddling, complaining that his back is hurting from carrying his kayak. This rugged cart from C-Tug makes transporting his a kayak a breeze!

Built to last, the C-TUG Kayak Cart is made of non-corroding engineering polymers, with stainless steel reinforced axles, and now is paired with tough puncture free rubber tires. Unlike any other cart in the paddle sport arena today the C-TUG continues to amaze sport enthusiast with its rugged appeal, incredible strength and satisfying good looks. This cart is designed for all soft terrains to get you paddling in places you never dreamed of. The C-TUG Kayak Cart requires no tools and assembles in seconds and also dismantles in seconds, allowing you to stow it in your canoe or kayak hatch to take to your next destination.

When it comes to moving loads over soft sand, wider wheels are not necessarily better. Bulldozers and military tanks use long tracks, reducing the chance of them digging in. SandTrakz puncture free wheels mimic this track system, the outer rim compresses when in use giving a longer track length. On soft sand this reduces how hard you have to pull to move your cart by more than half compared to standard puncture free Kiwi Wheels! In fact the SandTrakz system is so effective we think it’s better than balloon wheels! Whilst they are designed to make life easier on soft surfaces, SandTrakz wheels are great on hard surfaces. Because C-TUG SandTrakz are designed to compress they act like suspension on hard surfaces, making for easy transition from soft to hard surfaces. These wheels also work great and hold up on concrete and pavement!


4. Oso Bay Impulse Slider Kayak Paddle

For the dad looking to get the most out of his kayak, an upgraded paddle will help with paddling performance while helping to combat fatigue at the same time!

The OSO Bay Impulse slider kayak paddle is the one paddle to rule them all. Whether you have a high-low seat or multiple kayaks, the Impulse paddle can handle it. The slider ferrule allows you to adjust the length of the paddle between 230 – 240 cm so you can paddle comfortably at any seating height. It features a full carbon shaft for feather weight paddling all day.

The hybrid-style ABS blades work well in the high or low seating position. They can provide plenty of power for punching through the surf or getting to your favorite spot in minimal time or you can use a touring stroke for all-day paddling comfort. The Impulse paddle is so versatile, you’re going to wish everything in your life worked like this!


5. Leki Wanderfreund Anti-Shock DSS Trekking Pole

For the dad still hitting the trails hard after all these years. A trekking Pole will help with balance as well as absorb some of the pounding that the legs take during a grueling hike. 

The Leki Wanderfreund Anti-Shock DSS Trekking Pole features the new Dynamic Suspension System which creates a soft, cushioned feeling to each pole plant. SpeedLock 2 provides secure adjustment and support along with the comfortable Aergomed grip.



6. Eureka Gonzo Grill

For the dad looking to take his backyard grilling skills into the back country. Do yourself a favor and help to guarantee that you’ll be feasting during the next family camping trip!

Introducing the Eureka Gonzo Grill, the most flexible compact cook system available. A griddle top for pancakes or paninis reverses to a grill surface for burgers or portobellosor functions as a stove for boiling water and sauting. With a cast iron cook surface, advanced simmer control and a JetLink port, you can add additional Eureka! and Jetboil stoves to cook anything, in any landscape.


7. Hydro Flask Rocks Glass

For the dad who starts his morning with a cup of coffee and winds down after work with his favorite whiskey on the rocks. This stainless steel glass from HydroFlask will be a part of his daily routine. 

Adventures and drinks are better on the rocks, and thanks to the 10 oz Hydro Flask Rocks Glass you can enjoy whiskey at Wallace Falls, rum on Mt. Rainier, or bourbon at Black Butte Lookout. Plus, the TempShield™ double wall insulation keeps your ice from melting for up to 24 hours, perfect no matter if you’re out car camping in the wilderness or enjoying a beverage closer to home.

The 10 oz Rocks glass was designed to have a delicate beveled bottom, providing the perfect shelf for your pinky finger. The 22 oz. Tumbler lid is compatible and comes with your Rocks glass to help reduce spills at the campsite or in the backyard.


8. Yeti Roadie 20 – Limited Edition Charcoal

For the dad who wants all eyes on him at the tailgate. The Limited Edition Charcoal Yeti will have all other dads turning their heads in envy.

Yeti Roadie Coolers have the same hard-wearing features and insulating qualities as our top-of-the-line Tundra coolers, with a stainless steel handle made for tossing it around. Now in the new Limited Edition color: Charcoal.

There’s no better choice than the Yeti 20 to keep food and drinks cold in a campsite, job site, pickup bed, or over your favorite fishing hole. One piece roto-molded UV polyethylene construction is extremely durable and a full length, self-stopping hinge can’t hyper extend and break. You’ll never buy another cooler!


9. Daiwa Revros Freshwater Spinning Combo

For the dad constantly changing up his lures while on the water, adding another rod/reel combo to his arsenal will allow him to switch it up on the fly. 

Revros spinning combos offer a great value and a new cosmetic design. The Revros reel has four ball bearings and Digigear digital gear design for smooth easy rotation. Also featuring Daiwa’s Air Rotor for lighter weight and greater sensitivity.


10. Daiwa Tatula SV TWS Baitcasting Reel 6.3

For the dad who let you borrow his baitcaster that you ultimately destroyed after a full day of backlashing. Make it up to him, and promise not to touch this one. 

Utilizing a host of Daiwa’s most advanced technologies, the Daiwa Tatula SV TWS Casting Reel delivers unmatched performance and design all-in-one work-ready package. Combining Daiwa’s T-Wing System with an A7075 aircraft-grade aluminum SV spool, the Daiwa Tatula SV TWS Casting Reel delivers unmatched casting distance and reduced backlashes, so you can cover more water more effectively throughout the day.

A true workhorse-of-a-reel, the Daiwa Tatula SV TWS Casting Reel features CRBB (Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings) and U.T.D (Ultimate Tournament Drag) which provides anglers the power and durability to go toe-to-toe with big fish in the harshest conditions. Fitted with a swept handle for increased control, the Daiwa Tatula SV TWS Casting Reel provides performance and design that is second-to-none. Right Hand Retrieval.

Make sure to check out our full Father’s Day Gift Guide for more ideas to surprise the man who likely passed on a love for the outdoors to you.