When selecting a kayak for inshore fishing, you’ll want stability, tracking, and the ability to access shallow water. Imagine standing up, sight casting at tailing red fish in 8 inches of water. It can be one of the most rewarding kayak fishing experiences.

These sit on top kayak features will help you cover water quickly while being able to go stealth and slowly patrol the flats.

These are 5 of our favorite kayaks for inshore fishing: (In no particular order)

1. Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K. 120

Kayak Description: The Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 – Advanced Tactical Angling Kayak – is taking the kayak angling world by storm. It features an open design that can be customized to meet the needs of almost any angler.

The deck is highly walkable and stable – a feature that was achieved without needing to add more width to the boat, allowing for sustained speed and glide. The deck is low-profile and intentionally designed to shed wind.Storage opportunities are abundant and are thoughtfully located throughout.



2. Feelfree Lure 11.5

Kayak Description: Feelfree Kayaks is taking kayak fishing to a new level with the Lure 11.5 kayak. It still has all the stability, comfort, and versatility as the original Lure 11.5 and now the addition of the sonar pod makes electronics management a breeze.

Fishfinders and transducers can be directly mounted to the pod so that drilling into the kayak is unnecessary. The pod is completely removable for storage and transportation. It comes standard with a variety of unique features including a removable multi-level, multi-position extra wide Gravity Seat, Feelfree’s wheel in the keel, and Uni-Track system.

The patent pending Feelfree Gravity Seat offers the widest range of seat heights which is adjusted with the simple function of a lever and is removable – the Feelfree Gravity Seat is the new high. The Lure’s super-stable 36″ wide hull paired with a padded standing platform gives you the option to paddle or cast in either the sitting or standing position whether fishing inland waters or wide open oceans – this kayak fears no water.



3. Hobie Outback 

Kayak Description: The Hobie Mirage Outback has everything the serious fisherman needs and wants: stability, speed, comfort and maneuverability. It features the new Vantage CT seating system with 3 height options along with the ability to recline.

The Hobie Outback includes the Mirage Drive 180 for hands-free propulsion in both forward and reverse. The Outback includes a paddle as well as the Mirage Drive 180, molded-in rod holders and trays, storage compartments, Lowrance-Ready capability and a gear bucket that fits in the round hatch. The Outback has ample above and below deck stowage for all of your fishing gear.



4. Ocean Kayak Trident 11

Kayak Description: The smallest of the Ocean Kayak Trident line, this kayak really packs a punch. At 11′ this kayak blends stability with considerable weight capacity which most kayaks at this length can’t claim. The Trident 11 is perfect for anglers who are looking for maneuverability over covering long distances in their quest for finding a honey hole.

The Trident 11 features a bow hatch, large tank well and roomy cockpit. The ACS-2 seat has adjustable thigh and leg support and quick-drying mesh fabric. The re-designed ModPod II has a cupholder, accessory plate, sliding tackle storage trays, bungee storage, and a magnet.



5. Kaku Wahoo 10.5

Kayak Description: The Kaku Wahoo 10.5 Fishing Kayak offers a roomy and stable platform for fishing in a sub-11 foot length. The open cockpit gives you plenty of space to move around for sighting and casting. The raised seat is comfortable for long days on the water.

The Wahoo 10.5 has four top-load gear tracks, 2 flush mount rod holders, and is Micro Power Pole ready. It also offers plenty of storage in the bow hatch, rear tankwell, and rear day hatch.



While these are our top 5 kayaks for inshore fishing, there are plenty other kayak models at ACK that will get the job done. Honorable mentions would include the Bonafide sit on top fishing kayaks.The most important thing about selecting a kayak for fishing is that you’re as comfortable as possible. Everyone has their own style of fishing, and with the right kayak and accessories, you’ll have yourself a fishing machine for patrolling the flats.

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