It’s time to take your fishing kayak experience to the next level! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned kayak angler, there’s always opportunity to improve your craft and enhance your time out on the water.

Fish like a PRO in 2018 with these 15 kayak fishing accessories:

1. Fishing-Specific PFD

A life jacket designed for the angler not only offers safety but also an added variety of storage options. Most of these PFDs will have a surplus of pockets to hold your pliers, tackle and other fishing accessories you may need near by at all times.

2. Fishing Paddle

Fishing-specific paddles often come with a built in ruler and/or a hook retrieval notch to help save your lures from those dread trees.

While they have these subtle added features, most of these paddles are lighter weight than traditional options, helping you spend a full day on the water without being fatigued.

3. Anchor System

This includes both the anchor as well as a trolley. The full setup will make anchoring quick and easy, maximizing your fishing time. You’ll be able to use the trolley to position yourself in the best possible way in relation to your casting ring.

4. Tackle Crate

Keeping your rods and tackle organized and accessible is one of the most impactful aspects of kayak fishing. A crate will keep your gear directly behind your seat while preventing it from sliding around the deck of your kayak.

Take all precautions to prevent yourself from scrambling around the deck of your kayak looking for a specific piece of gear.

5. Fish Finder

Using a fish finder can be very rewarding. You’ll learn the lay of the land beneath the surface and begin to understand when and where fish school up.

A fish finder will provide you the opportunity to log many aspects of a trip that you will reap benefits from each time you return to that specific body of water.

6. Rod Holders

Secure your most prized fishing gear while paddling and keep it nearby for when you see that fish tailing or bait popping through the surface.

There’s a vast variety of rod holders that offer many different features. Some may offer more security while others will allow a quicker release for those moments when you need to act fast!

7. Fish Grips + Landing Net

No one likes telling the story about the ‘monster’ they lost just inches from the kayak. Prepare yourself to land that new PB with a pair of grips to help secure the fish or a landing net to give you that added reach.

8. Measuring Devices

Know the species size limits and restrictions in your state and be able to record those accurately with a measuring device. As for the credit on brag board, it always helps the story when you have the weight of the fish!

9. Dry Bags

This is for your personal electronics that you find necessary to take on the water. Whether it’s your phone or camera, you’ll want to keep it in a dry bag. They also help for extra layers that you want to take out on the water with you.

10. Kayak Cart

Scenario: You just finished putting all your gear onto/into the kayak and you’re ready to hit the water. Only thing is, that water is a good 50 yards away.

A kayak cart will keep you from damaging the bottom of your kayak while also keeping you from tiring yourself out before ever hitting the water.

“Prepare yourself to land that new PB with a pair of grips to help secure the fish or a landing net to give you that added reach.”

11. Rod + Paddle Leashes

If you like it, put a leash on it. You never know what situation you will be faced with that can cause your kayak to capsize. If your rods don’t have floats, or they aren’t leashed, you will indeed find yourself taking a dive or dragging a hook across the bottom hoping to catch your gear instead of a fish.

As for the paddle leash, knowing that your paddle won’t float away when you set the hook will allow you to focus on the task at hand.

12. 360º Visibility Light + Flag

Some of the best fishing days start before the sun rises and end well after the sun sets. Take the proper safety measures to make yourself as visible as possible to boaters and other kayakers.

Tip: Be sure to turn on that light well before it gets dark.

13. Drift Chute

Slow your drift and enjoy spending more time pitching at those docks or patrolling the flats. On days with high winds, a drift chute will be your best friend as you’re able to control the elements keeping you from your favorite spot and tactics.

14. Fishing Pliers

Having pliers designed for fishing will help you greatly in minimizing the amount of gear you carry as well as maximizing your efficiency when switching out tackle and lures.

15. Floating Stringer

Imagine that personal best stringer getting away because you didn’t secure it to your kayak properly.

A floating stringer will keep it visible while tied to your boat and help you locate those fish just incase the unthinkable happens!

Every kayak angler has their own way of fishing. While your needs may not require all these accessories, ACK has all the kayak fishing gear required to fit your style!