As one of the fastest growing recreational kayak activities, kayak fishing has moved up the totem pole to attract all types of anglers from around the world.

Whether you’re itching to get away from the bank and onto the water or you’re ready to down size from that power boat, fishing from a kayak may be your answer.

Here are our top 10 reasons to fish from a kayak!

1. Affordability

There are a wide range of price points for kayaks, almost all are more affordable than a traditional boat with a motor. From there it’s a relatively low initial investment. The only essentials you need are a paddle and PFD. If you already have the fishing gear, you’re ready to get started!

2. Accessibility

With a kayak, you’ll have access to many different bodies of water. You can chase big bass on the lake, fly fish while floating down your favorite rivers, stalk red fish inshore, and go after big game offshore. You’ll also be able to get into those small creeks and local ponds!

3. Low Maintenance

Aside from cleaning up your own mess and spraying off dirt and mud, maintenance on a kayak is minimal. While we recommend using products to help protect your yak from the sun, you won’t have to worry about pesky and expensive mechanical problems that can go wrong with a motor boat.

4. Portability

Due to its light weight, you’ll be able to maneuver the kayak on land with ease. Heavier kayaks may require a small cart, but even then it’ll be much easier than a boat with a trailer. This means no waiting in line at the boat ramp! You’ll be able to launch from shore or from smaller designated kayak ramps.

5. Exercise

Fishing kayaks allow you to get out on the water while fitting in a superb workout! Whether you’re paddling or pedaling, kayak fishing is a great way to incorporate your hobby of fishing into a new fit and healthy alternative. You’ll be surprised how long you can spend paddling around the lake when you’re out trying to avoid skunking. 

6. Peace & Quiet

You’ll hear the sounds, feel the wind, and get a taste of solitude. Kayak fishing is the best way to get out on the water and be fully immersed in nature. Whether you’re by yourself or with your fishing buddies, you’ll find yourself taking time to appreciate your surroundings

7. Stealth Approach

Keep from spooking the fish while you slowly and quietly paddle into your favorite honey hole. Depending on the kayak, you’ll be able to stand up as you drift and get a better view at what might be beneath the surface. Most kayak models will allow you to get out onto the flats where you can pole around without disturbing the water. Those tailing fish won’t stand a chance.

8. Easy Storage

The size of a kayak can vary but all models will take up a relatively small amount of space. You can usually find a storage option in the garage. Bonus tip: Using a wall rack is a great way to keep your kayak off the ground while still being able to show it off!

9. Muti-use – fishing, hunting, recreation

Maybe fishing season is over, but that doesn’t mean your kayak is useless. You can always get out on the water for a day of paddling with friends and family. And if you haven’t tried it, we recommend trying out hunting from your kayak.

10. Community

The kayak fishing community is one of the most tightly knit subcultures in the fishing industry. Everyone has their own personal style and most anglers are more than happy to discuss their approach. You’ll find the community to be very active spreading knowledge online and locally at events.

There are many different reasons to give kayak fishing a try and these are just some of our favorites here at ACK. If you’re already in the kayak fishing game, comment below and tell us why you fish from a kayak and we’ll share some of our favorites. As a community, we want to continue to encourage all anglers to give kayak fishing a shot!

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