We’ve all pulled up to shore after a long day of fishing, got out of our kayak, and realized the deck looked like a yard sale. That’s a cue that it may be time to contemplate ways to organize your yak.

The rear tank well has always been one of the best places to keep your gear for easy accessibility. Using a crate will guarantee your gear doesn’t wander off during your day on the water.

There are wide varieties of crates covering a vast range of features designed for anglers. Whether you want something simple and fully customizable, or you want a ready-to-go, fishing-tackle machine, there’s a crate made to fit your needs!

Yak Gear Milk Crate

It’s simple and gets the job done! The best thing about using a Yak Gear Milk Crate is the option to customize your storage. You can add the Build-A-Crate Rod Holders as well as the Accessory Pouch to store your rods and keep your tools organized. The possibilities are endless for you DIY experts as we’ve seen some incredible feats of innovation from our customers making the milk crate their own.

If you’re more interested in getting a milk crate that comes with accessories, check out the Yak Gear Angler Crate Kits! There are 3 different options, designed for the beginners as well as the pro.

Check out the Yak Gear Angler Kit Breakdown!

YakAttack BlackPak

The YakAttack BlackPak is a customizable monster. This crate is built to last, handling almost any beating an angler can throw at it. Unlike the standard milk crate, this one has a lid and sidewalls that minimize your gear’s exposure to the outside. It’s not fully waterproof, but it will protect your tackle from unwanted splashes and light rain.

The clean, tactical appearance demands attention and the rapidly developing line of YakAttack BlackPak accessories means there’s always another problem-solving innovation just around the corner. The BlackPak has stations for up to 10 rod holders, each of which can be installed vertically or angled.

Customer Review: “This really is a must have tool for your kayak! Very easy and simply to assemble. It’s pretty amazing how much gear it can hold with the right tackle box system and accessories.” – Michael M.

Hobie H-Crate

For you Hobie owners, the H-Crate is the go-to for every Mirage-powered kayak. The Hobie H-Crate has room for plenty of fishing gear, keeping it organized in one easy-to-reach space. It’s easily removable for transporting your tackle and gear and the H-Rail carrying handles are great mounting platforms for H-Rail accessories.

Each wall of the H-Crate has a grid of recessed mounting points for easy accessory mounting. There is a rod holder with retainer at each of the four corners and four nylon tie-down straps to secure it to your kayak. This crate will integrate seamlessly with any Hobie Kayak!

Customer Review: “I received my H-Crate 10 days after ordering as it was new item on the market. Easily put it together and find it to be very durable and holds more tackle than I will ever need. It straps securely to my PA 14. I’m sure I will get many years of use as it is well designed and built to last.” – John S.

Feelfree Crate Bag

The FeelFree Camo Crate Bags will keep your essential gear safely stored and secured. With Feelfree’s Crate Bag, you not only have access to plenty of enclosed storage space but also a place to keep up to five fishing rods and a stern light secured and high above the waterline.

Made of durable water resistant materials, the crate bag also features a removable waist pocket for wading, plier holders, map sleeve, and a shoulder strap making it easy to carry around.

NRS Ambush Tackle Bag

The NRS Ambush tackle bag gives you the features and functionality you need to stay on top of your game on the water.

The Ambush Tackle Bag has the same footprint as a milk crate, so it fits perfectly behind the seat of most sit-on-top fishing kayaks. The clear sleeve on the front of the bag is a perfect spot to keep your maps, charts, license and catch cards and a handy shoulder strap allows for easy transport to and from the water.

There are so many different options when it comes to using a crate for your gear storage and they all offer different features designed for the kayak angler. These are just some of out favorites!

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What’s your go-to solution for gear organization on your kayak?