So you want to get into kayak fishing? Here are essentials to get started:

You’ll obviously need your kayak, paddle and safety gear, but there are other small items needed to make the fishing experience more enjoyable.

  • Gear Organization + Storage – Just because you’re garage is a mess, doesn’t mean your kayak has to be.
  • Rod Holders – We know it’s trendy, but you don’t always have to hold your rod with your teeth.
  • Anchor – For those windy days, when the bite is on.
  • Paddle/Rod Leashes – When you set the hook, the last thing you want to worry about is your paddle.
  • Fish Grips – No one likes telling the story about the fish they lost at the kayak.

There are individual preferences for these different accessories, but thankfully, Yak-Gear has brought it all together for their Grab & Go Kayak Angler Kits.

Whether you only want to dip your toes into kayak fishing, or you’re ready to dive in head first, there’s a kit to suit your needs!

Yak Gear Grab & Go Kayak Angler Crate Starter Kit

Equip your kayak with your go-to gear included in the Yak Gear Grab & Go Kayak Angler Crate Starter Kit, which provides interior storage on the deck of your kayak, canoe or paddle board. The honeycomb design offers customization with other Yak Gear rigging accessories. The kit also includes 2 Yak Gear Single Build-A-Crate Rod Holders and an accessory pouch.

• Milk crate provides interior storage on the deck of your kayak, canoe or paddle board
• Honeycomb design offers customization with other Yak Gear rigging accessories
• Includes 2 Yak Gear Single Build-A-Crate Rod Holders, an accessory pouch, and a 13″ x 13″ crate

Yak Gear Grab & Go Angler Crate Basic Kit

The Yak Gear Grab & Go Angler Crate Basic Kit is constructed with durable, high density plastic and comes with many of the basics accessories needed to get you started on kayak fishing. Included with the crate is a paddle leash, a rod leash, a 3-lb folding anchor kit, a double rod holder kit, an anchor cleat and an accessory pouch.This is a great starter kit that will save you money on all of the necessary gear.

Industrial grade milk crate makes for a lightweight, durable, self-draining storage solution
• Reinforced handles make transporting to and from your boat easy

Yak Gear Grab & Go Kayak Angler Crate Pro Series

In a sport where storage space is limited, the Yak Gear Kayak Angler Crate Kit gives kayak anglers and paddlers everything you need to get started in one simple crate. The Build-A-Crate double rod holder kit easily attaches to any crate with inside access, allowing the paddler to efficiently take advantage of all possible storage space.

The anchor cleat kit comes with a 4″ nylon anchor cleat that provides a stable access point to secure anchors, drift chutes, bow lines, and safety lines. The 7″ x 12″ accessory pouch provides the flexibility necessary to accommodate accessories of varying sizes while maintaining a snug grasp. Two utility leashes for rods, paddles, or accessories allow kayak anglers to stow or release the rod through a quick connect carabiner around a lightweight wrap and closure. The 3.3-lb. grapnel anchor kit is made of galvanized steel and features four 6″ tines that fold out of the way while stored for space maximization and release when ready for use. “Rock Rig” and “Add-a-Rope” capabilities are included in the complete kit, along with 30′ of 3/16″ black nylon anchor rope and a black storage bag.

All necessary stainless steel installation hardware and installation instructions are included. The Pro Series kit comes with everything in the basic series, as well as a buoyant fish grip with a unique design that holds the fish’s lip without harming it. The Pro Series kit also comes with a fully adjustable Railblaza Rod Holder II, which holds any type of rod and reel, and its StarPort HD base.

• Efficiently maximizes space when kayak fishing
Build-A-Crate double rod holder kit
• Anchor cleat, accessory pouch, 2 utility leashes
• 3.3lb grapnel anchor kit• Includes fish grips and Railblaza Rod Holder II

Always remember, any kayak can be a fishing kayak if you take a rod and reel with you. However, there are kayak fishing accessories to make the experience more enjoyable. These Angler Kits from Yak Gear are a great way to save money, while assuring that you have the essentials you need for a successful day on the water.