The following article was written by Hobie Pro Staffer and native Texan, Martin Felts, exclusively for the ACK blog. 

Hobie Kayaks, with their versatile yet simple design, are some of the most popular and high quality kayaks on the market today. In this article, I’ll outline to the best of my knowledge what I am calling the “ins and outs” of the Hobie brand, looking over features of the kayaks in each series. 

Here’s an overview: Hobie has three lines of Mirage kayaks, the Pro Angler series, the Island Series, single and tandem Mirage kayaks, and the Inflatable Mirage series, for a total of 16 models, which come in a variety of colors to comprise the most versatile kayak brand on the market today.

Each of the Mirage-driven kayaks come standard with a paddle, the Hobie Vantage seat and a rudder system, as well as a sail mast port. Yes, that’s right, every Hobie Mirage kayak can be equipped with Hobie’s standard sail kit if you choose to do so.

The twist and stow rudder system seems to be one the most durable and versatile rudder systems due to features such as the sailing rudder upgrade, which increases the size significantly to make sailing much easier; deploying and retracting the rudder is simply done by pulling the up/down rudder lines which deploy and retract the rudder.

“Yes, that’s right, every Hobie Mirage kayak can be equipped with Hobie’s standard sail kit if you choose to do so.”Hobie Pro Staffer Martin Felts

Hobie also manufactures a furling kit, as well as add-on inflatable pontoon stabilizers that can be attached to pretty much any of the Hobie kayaks, turning each of the Mirage kayaks into an affordable and versatile sail craft.

The CT seat has several seating positions, allowing each kayaker to find their own sweet spot, which reduces fatigue and increases the overall kayaking experience.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler

Featured Product: Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12

The Pro Angler series has become one of the most sought after fishing platforms due to the kayak’s overall stability and comfort, as well as versatile (yet simple) rigging options. It comes standard with the Hobie H-Rail system, which has too many rigging options for accessories to list here.

Having a built-in square hatch with the tackle management system and two waterproof tackle boxes, rod tubes and a front hatch liner, it’s obvious why the Pro Angler is such a popular fishing machine, with comfort that’s unparalleled. Plus, the 14-foot version comes in at only 129 lbs!

I highly recommend heading to your local ACK store and renting one of these luxury kayaks out just for the experience if you haven’t tried one yet.

Hobie Mirage Island

Featured Product: Hobie Mirage Adventure Island Kayak

In my opinion, the Island series is one of the most amazing watercraft available today. These machines take things to a completely different level, providing the kayaking world an amazing sail craft and the sailing world an amazing kayaking vessel.

Featured Product: Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Kayak

Coming in two options, single and tandem, these trimaran sail kayaks have been outfitted and used for several unique activities, from offshore fishing to long-distance sailing and camping. Having owned one of each, I can’t choose one over the other as they both are equally amazing.

If you have a chance to try one of these at a demo, I highly recommend it as it will be an amazing experience. Both kayaks come standard with a sail, pontoons(amas) and Mirage Drives, making this the ultimate fishing platform that Hobie has to offer today.

Hobie Revolution & Hobie Outback

Featured Product: Hobie Mirage Revolution 13

Last, but definitely not least, these kayaks come in several different options for color and can be accessorized with Hobie’s full line of add-ons, such as the H rail and H bar, live wells and fish finder add-ons. Being Lowrance ready, adding a fish finder is a breeze.

Featured Product: Hobie Mirage Outback

There are a few different tandem series kayaks that are basically the Revolution or Outback in a two-seat option, just with a different name. The Revolution and Outback are also offered in smaller models, the Sport and the Revolution 11, for children and smaller individuals.


Just a note: It seems like Hobie’s traditional paddle kayaks often get overlooked due to the Mirage Drive, but they still have the same Hobie quality and roto-molded design. They’re basically the same model as some of the Mirage kayaks (minus the Mirage Drive)!

All in all, Hobie’s engineering and design team have really spent time designing and developing the most complete series of kayaks on the market today, if you have not researched or had the chance to see one up close, head on over to your nearest ACK store and talk to someone about one, grab a rental kayak or attend a demo and try something that just might change your way of life into the Hobie way of life.