ACK customers won’t stop sharing their creative DIY projects with us, and we definitely don’t mind. Keep ’em coming, and we’ll keep featuring them on our blog!

Recently, we had a couple submissions describing quick fixes to add stability to tippy canoes (or just calm fears about the possibility of tipping) using foam floats purchased from our online store.

1. Homemade Outriggers For The “Marauding Mermaid”
Using ACK 5 x 11 Foam Floats

Stabilizers mean more comfortable chairs (Photo: ACK Customer James Spaulding)

ACK Customer James Spaulding shared photos and this breakdown of his project with us: 

PVC Pipe… $53
Promar PVC Foam Float (Crab Pot Floats)… $32
Paddles… $16
Mounting outriggers onto the “Marauding Mermaid” so every canoe trip doesn’t devolve into a swimming meet… Priceless.

Puttin’ in (Photo: ACK Customer James Spaulding)


The beauty of nature. We saw a pair of Nesting Bald Eagles on this float. (Photo: ACK Customer James Spaulding)

2. Stable Boat = Happy Canoeing Family
Using ACK 6 x 14 Foam Floats 

ACK Customer John McDaniel:

“My wife was scared to death of how ‘wobbly’ the canoe was by itself and didn’t want me to take the kids out on it again. I compromised by building these stabilizers. It’s now just as stable, if not more stable, than a wide flat bottom jon boat! 
The boat is a Michi-Craft DE-17, 17 foot aluminum canoe, rated for 5 people or 770 lbs. Also has a motor mount rated for a 5HP outboard. The cooler has a 12V powered Aerator, so has become our livewell for this rig.”

To note: Though this blog is about canoes because of the nature of the recent submissions we received, ACK foam floats are great for adding outriggers to your kayak for increased stability as well.

And for anyone who’s not into DIY projects but is still very much interested in investing in an outrigger kit, we’ve got those. Take a look at the Hobie Sidekick Ama Outrigger Kit, Yak-Gear Outriggers, or the Scotty Kayak Stabilizer 302. 

Hobie Sidekick Ama Outrigger Kit

Happy (stable) paddling!