We can’t overstate the importance of wearing your PFD when you’re paddling! Even if you rival Michael Phelps in the swimming department, weather conditions can change rapidly on the water and it doesn’t take deep water for a fatal accident to occur.

No Need To Sacrifice Comfort For Safety

That being said, the reality is that a standard PFD can feel bulky when you’re juggling a lot of fishing gear or trying to paddle to a honey spot, ultimately getting in the way of your comfort. Fortunately, there’s a lot of PFDs that address these issues by catering specifically to paddlers and kayak anglers. They often have low-profile designs that give you increased arm mobility; some even feature extra pockets, doubling as a handy accessory in addition to a required life saver.

The NRS Ninja PFD is just one example of such a PFD! We recently received a photo submission about its practicality from pleased ACK customer Christoper Marek:

“Landed this massive 59.25″ Cobia in the Gulf of Mexico. Over the 2 to 3 hour fight I was happy to not worry about a bulky and uncomfortable PFD. I especially like this off when paddling. I hardly notice it.” 

“Super comfortable, like it was never there.” (Photo: ACK Customer Christoper Marek)


“Safety is paramount in any type of fishing. The NRS Ninja allows me to be safe and comfortable while on the water.” (Photo: ACK Customer Christopher Marek)

We’ve Got Plenty Of PFDs

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