ACK’s marketing team got a new summer intern, Peter, and he’s helping us out immensely. Here’s a look at his first project poking fun at various kayak anglers we’ve all likely seen in the kayak fishing community.

No hard feelings, y’all. 😉

 The question is, which one are you?

Bro Staffer

Stickers on stickers on stickers. The Bro Staffer’s got sponsors, and he’s not afraid to show ’em. It’d be hard to mistake which kayak brand he’s reppin’ at every kayak fishing tournament.

Can be heard saying: “They give me 5% off soft plastics, so you could say I’m a pretty big deal.”


A handy man, this guy lives off of the thrill of rigging his yak with DIY projects. Because why would he spend lots of money on a certain accessory when he could just throw together some PVC pipe and canvas and be able to say he built it himself and that the experience was priceless?

Can be heard saying: “Do you have any idea how I get in touch with the Patent Office?”


He’s figuring it all out. Which means he’s easily spotted as a beginner on the water because he’s got his paddle upside down or his rod is tangled up. But it’s all good because we’re a friendly, welcoming crowd and he’ll get the hang of it all in no time.

Can be heard saying: “Are you guys sore? I’m pretty sore.”

Mr. Look Good, Feel Good, Fish Good

Whether he’s sporting the latest Columbia, Howler Brothers, or NRS gear, this guy’s particular about his fishing apparel and he’s usually loyal to a certain brand. No shame in his game, though. He’s not using fashion to compensate for a lack of skill.

Can be heard saying: “Dude, you’ve gotta feel this material. And the pattern is supposed to keep me from spooking the fish.”

Mr. No Face

Does this require an explanation? Mr. No Face has no face. He could be your best friend, but you wouldn’t recognize him in his buff, hat and sunglasses.

Can be heard saying: “*indistinct mumbling through buff*”

The Vlogger 

His hands are full trying to juggle his phone and his rod when he lands a catch – oh, and there’s a GoPro somewhere on his body. He’s convinced he’s found the balance between living in the moment and documenting it. Whether he’s genuinely inspired by the online kayak fishing community, a fan of virtual fame, or a little bit of both, his Instagram game is on point.

Can be heard saying: “I promise it was an absolute TOAD, but the wide angle on the GoPro just doesn’t do it justice.”

Small Hands, Big Fish 

Okay, we’re just teasing with this one. But hey, it’s all about perspective.

Can be heard saying: “Hold on, let me hold the fish away from me like this.”

Of course, people are much more than mere stereotypes and we’re sure a lot of anglers have aspects of each of these “personalities.” They can’t just be labeled as one.

But for fun’s sake, who are we missing?

Add your own stereotype in the comment section.