If you frequent our blog,  you may have noticed we recently launched a monthly blog series that digs into the numbers to answer the question “What are people buying?

Last month, we looked at the numbers for the top 5 paddles we sold in April.

This month, we digging into the data for kayaks.

(Note: This is just a fun little observation we wanted to share with our community, purely reflecting the purchasing trends of our customers through “quantity sold” for ONE month. Given a variety of factors, each month is going to shift.)

Here are the top 5 kayaks sold in May by ACK:

1. Ocean Kayak Frenzy

Judging from the amount of submissions on its product page showing the Frenzy in action, it’s no surprise the Frenzy was our top seller last month. It’s a stable, wide and maneuverable boat, making it great for testing your ocean kayaking skills or recreational fun in calmer waters. And it’s only 43 lbs, making transportation a breeze.

2. Perception Pescador 12

The Perception Pescador 12 has the same “good for beginners and advanced kayakers alike” theme (at an awesome price) going for it, but it’s more specifically designed for kayak fishing. At 60 lbs, it’s also a bit heavier of a boat.

3. Perception Pescador 10

Pretty much exact same kayak as the Pescador 12, but two feet smaller and a few pounds lighter.

4. Old Town Vapor 10

Our first sit-inside kayak on the list!

With its large cockpit, the Old Town Vapor is great for anyone looking to bring their furry friend out on the water often. And dog or not, it’s a total steal for stable recreational paddling (and of course, fishing – any kayak is a fishing kayak if you just bring a rod).

5. Feelfree Lure 11.5


The Feel Free ure 11.5 is the most expensive kayak on the list, but with good reasoning: It’s a kayak designed specifically for anglers, with plenty of features to help you rig your boat: Two fishing rod holders, a track system and a sonar pod for easy installation of a fish finder and transducer (no need for any DIY drilling).

It’s the heaviest boat, but it’s got a “wheel in the kneel” for easy transport, and reviews always rave about how comfortable the Gravity seat is.


To summarize what people were buying the most of in May, 4 affordable picks (3 sit-on-top, 1 sit-inside) geared towards recreational paddling and 1 mid-range fishing kayak.

You can check out our full kayak selection here. You can also browse our inventory of Bonafide sit on top fishing kayaks for sale.

Want to inspire next month’s numbers blog category? We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments which category of items – SUPs, fishing gear, PFDs or paddles – you’d like to see featured.