Kayaking can be enjoyed solo or tandem, but who said both boat occupants needed to be human for a good time?

We know a lot of you have a furry friend (or two!) accompanying you out on the water.

Here’s some adorable photographic proof of paddling pups shared by ACK customers:

We recently published a DIY blog about a dog owner who had rigged their yak with Harmony Silent Traction grip pads to make it more dog-friendly for 4-day river trips.

Since then, we’ve received a couple more submissions from our Photo Adventures Collector sharing some easy and helpful ideas about how customers have used ACK products or their own materials to make their kayaks more comfortable for their paddling pups:

1.  PVC Pipe + Canvas Shade Structure

“My buddy likes to fish and some times the sun is just too much for him so we made him a sun shade out of PVC pipe and canvas.”

He didn’t provide info on the actual construction of the DIY sun shelter, but it seems pretty self-explanatory.

If you think it’s hot in the summer, imagine how your friend covered in fur feels! In addition to providing some sort of shade on your yak if you can, make sure you’re both staying hydrated.

2. Hatch Cover That Doubles As A Comfortable Seat

“The dog loves sitting on our Harmony Round Hatch covers.”


We’re not really sure how this guy’s paddling, but at least his dog is comfortable! He’s using a hatch cover made specifically for Wilderness Systems’ Tarpon, Ride, and Ripper series, but we’ve got a large selection of hatch covers to choose from designed for your kayak.

Got any DIY projects you’d like to share for how you’ve gone the extra mile to provide the best experience for your dog? Share them with us in a comment.

Keep the innovative ideas coming, y’all!