Foot-powered kayaks, boats that are equipped with a pedal drive, are becoming more and more common as innovation in the kayak fishing world expands the realm of options.

While pedal kayaking may not be for everyone, there’s something to be said about the multi-tasking appeal of hands-free kayak fishing. If anyone’s interested in getting a comprehensive overview of the pedal vs. paddle debate, we published a blog a while ago elaborating on the pros/cons of each style.

That being said, this blog is dedicated to spotlighting different brands that offer foot propulsion.

We thought a side-by-side comparison of the specs of popular pedal kayaks (including several 2017 models) would be helpful for those looking to make the investment:

Hobie Mirage Outback Kayak – 2017


Price: $2,499
Pedal drive: Mirage Drive 180 with Forward/Reverse (also sold separately as an upgrade for older models)
Length: 12 ft 1 in / 3.68 m
Weight: 99 lb / 44.91 kg
Features: 2 molded-in drink holders & 4 molded-in rod holders, molded-in storage wells all around the cockpit, one gear bucket
More Hobie pedal-driven kayaks: Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Kayak – 2017, Hobie Mirage Revolution 16 Kayak – 2017(all Hobie Mirage 2017 models come with Mirage 180 + all older Mirage models are compatible)

Native Watercraft Titan 13.5 Propel Kayak

Price: $3,249
Pedal drive (not sold separately):
Forward/Reverse propulsion
Length: 13 ft 6 in / 4.11 m
Weight: 178 lb / 80.74 kg
Features: 2 Power Pole mounts for dual anchoring, large front hatch with cover & horizontal rod storage
More Native Watercraft pedal-driven kayaks: Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel Kayak, Native Watercraft Slayer 10 Propel KayakNative Watercraft Manta Ray Propel 12 Angler Kayak, Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13 Kayak

Old Town Predator PDL Pedal Drive Kayak


Price: $2,799.99
Pedal drive:
Old Town PDL; Forward/Reverse propulsion – 10.3:1 gear ratio
Length: 13 ft 2 in / 4.01 m
117 lb / 53.07 kg
6 mounting plates, paddle storage, tackle holders, center console with Mod Pod cover
Exo-Ridge deck, and molded paddle rest

Perception Pescador Pilot 12 Pedal Kayak


Price: $1,799
Pedal drive (not sold separately):
Pilot Drive Pedal System; Forward/Reverse propulsion 
12 ft 5 in / 3.78 m
74 lb / 33.57 kg
Adjustable gear tracks and tension knobs, four molded-in rod holders, two YakAttack accessory tracks, a transducer scupper, and two storage consoles for mounting electronics

As you probably noticed, we included links to the pedal drives that we sell separately (Hobie 180 Mirage Drive, Old Town PDL Drive).

We also carry the Wilderness Systems Helix Pedal Drive, which is compatible with all Wilderness Radar kayaks but doesn’t come already integrated.

Wilderness Systems Helix PD Pedal Drive

And here’s an exclusive look at the FeelFree Overdrive, coming out this summer. 😉


We’ve just covered all of our brands that design pedal-powered kayaks, highlighting important specs of certain kayak models. This isn’t a full specs list of every kayak that is compatible with the various drives, but we did include links to other models for each brand.

Share this blog, comment with your pedal experience, or reach out to us with any questions you may still have.

Happy pedaling (and paddling)!