New month, new gear! No more fear of missing out on the latest and greatest.

Keeping up with our new tradition of a monthly product pick blog to help you keep up with our constantly updating inventory, we asked the ACK merchandising team for their input on what to spotlight for May.

Here are May’s new product picks:

1. Perception Hi Life 11.0 Kayak


For those who want the best of both paddling worlds!

ACK Fleet Manager Carlos Andreu got to paddle one around a few weeks ago and he appropriately described it as a “spring love between a kayak and a SUP.” What does he like about it? “It’s fun, light, tough, inexpensive, interesting looking and versatile.” That about sums it up!

2. GSI Java Mill

Your on-the-go lifestyle shouldn’t have you sacrificing quality coffee. This is a great accessory to have while camping; your camping mates will appreciate you when they wake up to sunlight streaming through their tents and the smell of freshly ground coffee brewing! Check out our full coffee and tea product selection here.

3. Kelty Outback 2 Tent

An affordable no-frills tent, this is the smallest option in Kelty’s Outback series, which offers tents that fit two, four and six.

4. Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack


This is the ideal day pack, whether you’re hiking, going to the beach or attending any sort of outdoor activity (movie screening, backyard storytelling night, etc.) where you need to carry just a few items with you! When you take those items out, the backpack easily folds into itself. Maybe it’s magic, maybe it’s nylon. Either way, it’s super handy.

5. Petzl Ancanadre Canyoning Pack

Are you a climber? We sell climbing gear! (We’re trying to get the memo out – spread the word.) This sturdy new pack is specifically designed for carrying canyoning equipment. Although it’s more of a niche community in the outdoor sports world, we figure there’s some of you out there! If you’re a top rope climber who hasn’t ventured into the world of canyoning, check out our Petzl selection in general.

As always, this is just a small sampling of our extensive new product inventory that gets updated daily!

Check out the full selection of new ACK products here.