We’re known as a kayak fishing headquarters, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show some love to the simplicity and minimalism of SUP fishing. SUP… fishing?

Yes, it’s a thing. And yes, just as there are differences between recreational kayaks and fishing kayaks, there are paddle boards specifically designed for fishing!

SUP Fishing Has Its Own Unique Advantages

The design of a SUP offers certain advantages over a kayak: SUPS are lighter in general, making them easier to transport/carry. The flat deck of a paddle board means you’re encouraged to bring the least amount of gear possible (this could be seen as a disadvantage, but it helps to be mindful about how each accessory on your boat is actually benefiting you vs. what’s just baggage). You have a lot of mobility options, ranging from sitting, kneeling, and standing (great for sight casting!).

Now that you have an idea of what a SUP brings to the fishing world, here’s an option to consider:

The Kaku Kayak Kahuna SUP

(We know, the name is a mouthful.)

You have a lot of mobility options, ranging from sitting, kneeling, and standing (great for sight casting!).

Kaku Kahuna Features 

You could technically bring a fishing rod and sit on your cooler on a standard SUP, so what distinguishes the Kahuna as a fishing SUP? As a response to growing interest in SUP fishing, manufacturers began offering paddle boards with built-in mounting options for fishing accessories, as well as shaping the actual board to be wider with a hull design crafted to allow for anglers to sneak up on fish without a lot of hull slap/noise.

The Kahuna has six tie-down points for coolers, seats, crates or any other accessory you want to bring. When our photographer Josh Garza took the SUP out inshore fishing, he attached Diablo’s Larry Chair for a comfortable seat.

Josh says he enjoys standing while fishing while still having the option to sit, and SUP fishing offers that range (which makes it particularly great for fly fishing).


Whether you’re in the same boat as him – pun intended – or you’re a recreational paddle boarder and conventional angler looking to fuse your two passions, the Kahuna’s the way to go. It also comes in SIX different camo colors you can choose from: Blue, Hunter, Pink, Real, White and Yellow.

Got a question about SUP fishing in general or a specific inquiry about the Kahuna we didn’t cover? Drop us a note in the comments below!