Spring cleaning means you’re getting rid of the old to make room for the new, right? Which means it’s great timing for us to get Howler Brothers apparel in! We’ve been waiting to bring on the Austin-based brand for a while and we couldn’t be more excited about carrying it.


Because it’s high-quality clothing that prioritizes functionality. It looks good, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality for trendy.

Here’s a little background on Howler Brothers, pulled from their About Us page:

“We’re Howler Brothers. We are not really related by blood. But we are bonded by many shared callings: Surfing, fishing, paddling and the good things that come with these pursuits. Things like fire pits, really good tequila, limes, and pre-dawn coffee. Above all we’re united by a belief in doing things the honest and pure way (which is not usually the easy way). We design and craft all our garments, and everything we make, with these passions and values in mind.”

So whether you’re looking to revamp your closet yourself or if you’re searching for the right gift, here’s a look at some of the products:

Howler Brothers Mansfield SS Shirt

We’ve got this three cotton-poly blend shirt in different designs – seafoam, navy, and sunshine – but the coolest thing about it (in my humble opinion) is Howler’s signature sunglass-cleaning microfiber at the hem – so you know your shirt is actually cleaning your sunglasses.

 Howler Brothers Matagorda LS Tech Shirt

This long-sleeve shirt is ideal for those summer days on the water – because yes, you should be wearing (breathable) long-sleeve shirts in the sun. The nylon-poly blend dries quickly and gives you 30 SPF protection. Some other useful features: a hidden zippered pocket, a sunglass-cleaning microfiber hem, and fabric engineered to stretch to keep you comfortable. By the way, you don’t have to be fishing or paddling to wear this. It easily doubles as a dress shirt. 😉

For anyone’s who’s into more casual digs and is looking to add a simple but quality cotton-poly graphic tee to their wardrobe, we’ve got this one in several different designs and colors (including the classic Howler Brothers Monkey).

Howler Brothers Horizon Hybrid Shorts

They’re not exactly swim trunks but they kind of are. Made out of quick-drying nylon, feel free to wear these near and in the water. We’ve got ’em in grey and khaki!

Howler Brothers Standard Mesh Hat

One of summer’s most important accessories is head protection from the sun, and what’s great about this option is that it doesn’t sit too high or too low like some other hats tend to do. We’ve got it in three different designs and six colors, so take your pick!

Nothing catching your attention? Check out our wider selection of Howler Brothers apparel here and apparel in general here.