We joined Snapchat recently and it’s just not nearly as fun on there without the audience to match (hello, thousands of thousands of ACK customers and fans on our other social media channels, we appreciate you!).

Here’s our snapcode:

Take these steps to add us by snapcode:

1. Save the above photo

2. Open your Snapchat app

3. Go to “Add Friends” –> “Add by Snapcode” –> Select the photo and Snapchat will scan it

That’s it! Simple enough, right? Snapchat recognizes the unique dots as ACK and our account will pop up.

Or if you prefer adding us by username, we’re: ACKVibes.

Once we’re connected, you’ll be able to see our story, which is full of behind-the-scenes glimpses at life both inside and out of the office, new products, and anything else we decide to experiment with! Plus, feel free to snap us photos of your own adventures, whether you’re out on the water, on the trail, or camping out. 

And if you aren’t connected on other platforms, here’s a reminder that we’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. 🙂