For those who don’t know, we offer four Go Play Days (paid workdays) a year for all employees to get outside and learn more about our products through personal experience.

Of course, it doesn’t take much pushing to get ACK-ers outside. 

Here’s a photo blog by ACK San Antonio Store Associate Daniela Olvera on her experience introducing her hometown friend to the world of kayaking with a Hobie Mirage Oasis tandem.

Talk about a work out! This past weekend I was in my hometown, Houston where I spent the day kayaking and participating in outdoor activities. Just like me, my friends had never been exposed to kayaking, so I decided to take one of them with me. ACK has introduced me to a whole different world of adventures.

I did my first kayaking at our company’s Demo Days and really enjoyed it, but doing it on my own added another level of excitement. We took out a Hobie Outfitter because my friend (who can’t swim) was super scared to get on a kayak of her own. We decided to head over to Independence Park, which is where ACK Houston holds their Demo Days. We got there and geared up to get in the water.
Of course we couldn’t forget our refreshments since the sun was out, so we brought our YETIs with us.


Even though she had her PFD on, my friend was pretty scared as we were preparing to launch from shore. But finally we were on the water!


The weather was in our favor that day and we were able to really enjoy our time out there. We went all over the lake without a problem and no complaining, because we had the Mirage Drive propulsion on the kayak. We did hit a bit of shallow water but we had our paddles to help with that!


After a while my friend got lazy and left me our there doing all the work! But I’m not complaining because I was still able to maneuver around even without her on the kayak since the drive was so helpful. And I took advantage of the opportunity to show some ‘H-Town’ love and do a quick picture pose.

A Fun Workout

I’m really glad to be part of ACK because they introduced me to something that I had never done. I definitely have to say my favorite part of the trip was the next morning when I woke up feeling a bit sore. I enjoy working out, but I don’t seem to have as much time for it and kayaking seemed to merge a fun activity with the benefits of working out.

I’m definitely going to take advantage of what ACK has to offer, get out more, do some kayaking and engage in more adventures!