When I first heard of the concept, I knew it would be an instant hit.

After all, many kayak anglers possess two characteristics: We love our gear, and we love exploring harder to access waters via roads less traveled. The Malone MegaSport Trailer was essentially designed with us in mind.

I had the pleasure of test driving this full optioned trailer recently and was pleased by the experience, most notably its performance both on and off road.The ride was smooth with little to no bouncing around. Its overall composition and weight distribution made it easy to back up (which is typically difficult in my Jeep), and I was also pleased with how it handled off road.

I have a rack on my vehicle, but after experiencing the ease of loading and unloading kayaks from this trailer, I am convinced that a trailer is the way to go.– Roland Jimenez

And it’s not only about the kayaks! Having all that additional cargo space, including the crate, enclosed cargo box and rod holder tubes, was brilliant. What I like most is how they incorporated all this cargo space without sacrificing room for your kayaks and canoes within the rack spaces.

My only gripe? A little more ground clearance would be nice. And while the price is a bit steep, what you get in return (a whole lot of trailer) is well worth it. Still, if you’re looking for cheaper Malone trailer options, check out these packages.

High props to Malone on this one!

Everything you need – all in one package.
Sturdy, with a capacity of 1000lbs!
Easy access storage drawer for all your fishing accessories.
Store your rods safely and out of the way in the two MegaSport fishing rod storage tubes.
Additional wire basket storage for wet gear.
Heavy duty galvanized steel and aluminum construction for anywhere off road capabilities.
The trailer offers two sets of SeaWing kayak carriers to keep your kayaks secure.
The tires are over-sized and this version comes complete with a spare.