About 20 miles South of Carlsbad, New Mexico are the magnificent Carlsbad Caverns. This National Park and Wilderness Area features humongous limestone chambers over 800 feet below the surface. What’s most impressive about these caves is the grandiosity of the stalagmite and stalagmite formations. When driving from Austin, TX to San Diego, CA on a recent road trip, I had to take the detour to check these guys out for myself – here are the highlights:
IMG_1187This stalagmite was over 60 feet tall and one of my favorites!


The original rope ladder used by early Carlsbad Cavern researchers in 1924.

IMG_1070The almost runny looking formations are called draperies.


The popcorn-like texture of these calcite deposits is caused by precipitation in the cave.

Whether you’re passing through like I was, or want to make a road trip out to this part of the states, I highly suggest checking out the Carlsbad Caverns. Since I’ve had prior caving experience in Texas, I truly appreciated the significance of huge this network of caves are, but even first-timers will be impressed!

Devyn, Queen of Caving / Guest Blogger