Yeti has amassed a cult following, especially here in Austin, TX where the company is headquartered. Yeti decals adorn the backs of cars and trucks.  It’s pretty much guaranteed at least one person in our office is sporting a Yeti hat. It’s no secret why their products are so popular. Yeti proudly claims to “over-engineer” all their gear and the 10 ounce Lowball is no exception.

Like all products in their Rambler series it’s made from a kitchen grade 18/8 steel making it durable, easy to sanitize, and resilient towards corrosion from various acids found in dairy, fruits, and veggies (so you’re set to indulge in a white Russian or green smoothie without any fear). It will not retain the flavor of previous beverages either so you can safely transition from your nightcap to a hot cuppa tea the next morning. The Lowball features double-wall vacuum insulation. The beauty behind this is that your drinks stay either piping hot or frigidly cold without much effort on your part – just pour them in and the Lowball does the rest! It’s compatible with the lids for the 20 ounce Rambler  if you’re in need of a smaller to-go cup. With summer upon us, I highly recommend the Lowball for poolside sips, backyard barbecues, and pro tip here – ice cream (totally prevents that whole ice cream soup situation).

I could ramble all day about why the Lowball is so awesome, but I’m curious to hear – why do y’all love them?

Devyn, Lowball lover