IMG_0090I’ve alway felt the best pieces of gear are those that offer a direct solution to a common problem. Action Hat addresses functionality, comfort, and fashion issues that come up with using a GoPro head strap mount. It features 5 different mounting options so you can have fun experimenting with different angles for shots. The base of the hat is reinforced so the weight is evenly distributed across the surface area of the hat so you won’t have issues with it feeling lopsided or off balance on your head. It floats too so if your Action Hat ever falls overboard you’ll quickly be able to recover it (it’s saddening to think how many GoPros are on the bottom of the Arkansas River from my whitewater rafting days). The overall fit of the Action Hat is just like any other baseball hat and far more comfortable than your traditional GoPro head strap mount!

Everyone on the ACK team is really excited about the Action Hat as are our friends on YouTube – check out this hysterical requiem for the head strap by ReXDelRey:  

Devyn, Always ready for some action!