It was a typical day in high school, stuck indoors for about 7 hours, the conditions outside were perfect so once I got home I decided to go fishing. I grabbed my GoPro and phone and went straight down to the lake where my new Hobie Pro Angler 12 was waiting for me.

I rigged up all 3 of my rods. My first casting rod was rigged up with a 3/8 ounce orange and brown jig with a little soft plastic craw as the trailer. My second casting rod I rigged up with a Texas rigged watermelon colored brush hog and a 3/8 ounce weight and a number 2 hook. For my third casting rod, I had a little swimbait rigged on there that was 1/2 of an ounce. Once I had all of my rods rigged up I put them all in my Hobie H-Crate along with my tackle and net, it was time for me to get out on the water.

Thankfully the PA12 is super easy to launch and all I had to do was slide it across the sand and into the water. Once on the water there was a creek to my right (I knew a 12 pounder had been caught out of the creek before) and I a big flat to my left. Both of them were the same distance away but I chose the flat because I figured the bass were staging to spawn. I pedaled out to my spot and started casting around with the swimbait for about 10 minutes. No bites. I picked up the rod with the jig on it and on the fourth cast I hooked up with one about 3 feet away from the side of a dock. As I was reeling it in I was freaking out because I knew it was a decent sized fish. I had one hand on the rod and one hand on my net. As I got the fish up to the kayak I saw that it was BARELY hooked in the side of the mouth. I managed to get it in the net and into the kayak. I quickly grabbed my GoPro and took a quick picture that way I could release it.

The fish swam off as I let it gently in the water and that was the end of my after school fishing adventure.

Hobie Fishing Team Member,
Brysen Trenasty

Fun Fact: Brysen is our youngest Hobie Fishing Team member. He currently attends high school and fits as much fishing in between class as he can!