BBC News recently ran an article reporting how global fishing catch is significantly under-reported according to a study conducted by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization. According to findings, “the amount of fish taken from the world’s oceans over the last 60 years has been underestimated by more than 50%”. With this report in mind, it was extra satisfying to hear the news of two Texas anglers who unintelligently bragged on Facebook about how many fish they  illegally caught and kept. | Continuous News Coverage | Corpus Christi

When I posted this video on our Facebook page, the ACK community showed overwhelming support for sustainable fishing and respecting regulations. I’m proud knowing ACK fans believe in catch and release practices and when taking fish, keep only what they need and follow the established regulations. These rules are here for a reason. When you’re out on the water regularly, it’s pretty obvious why these regulations are in place. Even though there are areas for improvement, these standards at least keep things in check. Personally, I feel we need to educate anglers (and all people really) so they develop a personal respect for our environment and practice sustainable fishing habits because they understand the impact of their actions, not necessarily because “it’s the rules”.

I’m really curious to continue the conversation – what are your thoughts? Any ideas how we can advocate to help anglers learn why these regulations are in place? Have you ever personally been impacted by overfishing? Please comment below!


Devyn, Queen of Catch and Release