For our fourth installment in the Meet the Team series we’d like to introduce Tim McFarland, San Marcos Store Manager. He is our newest store Manager to join the ACK fam and we are excited to have him! Read on to find out a few fun facts about Tim then head over to the San Marcos store and say hello!


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m originally from Stratford, CT, I have been all over the world and retain a wide variety of experiences and interests including travel, photography, and sustainable practices. I graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a B.S. in Fine Arts, survived four deployments and two combat zones while serving in the Marine Corps as an Infantry Squad Leader. Being on the water is a natural and relaxing activity, much like lazing in a hammock between some shady trees. I fully believe that nature really is the best medicine.

2. What’s a fun fact about you that most people don’t know?

Not many people know I protected a 500 foot cargo vessel from armed pirates off the coast of Somalia. That was fun! I’m also a very good cook…ahem ladies… ;).

3. What’s your ideal adventure?

My ideal adventure would be a random and spontaneous journey to anywhere in South America or perhaps everywhere in South America. Simply hiking, camping, kayaking and hanging out very far from the tourist traps. Eating the food, cooking with locals, and enjoying different customs would be a blast. I’ve found that bonding with other cultures outside of your comfort level is extremely rewarding.

4. Pick one: water or land?

Water. Most of the written laws on Earth are closely aligned with Admiralty Law, or International Maritime Law, from way back when life at sea was the only way to get around and transport goods. I like this concept, that you, your vessel and your property at sea are considered a sovereign nation; which you have a duty and responsibility to protect. The freedom of being miles away from civilization can be daunting for some, but you can always check out what’s happening on shore if you feel alone!

5. What’s one of your favorite customer experiences?

It happens to be a funny one. Although I hadn’t been kayaking in 12 years, I went out with a customer to ensure her safety. I was on a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 and she was on the Tarpon 120 so we could swap and see if she preferred one length over the other. She also has a prosthetic leg, which can be cumbersome and heavy should one fall into the water suddenly. As we were paddling up the river from Rio Vista Park here in San Marcos we came to the end of the line by the Texas State campus. We decided to turn back and as I was turning around I made a bonehead move and over-paddled to correct my course, rolled into the water while laughing and involuntarily drank some clean river water. The customer laughed and I climbed back on to my kayak. I was glad the river stays a constant temperature! With me soaking wet, we loaded her truck back up and headed back to the store where she bought the Tarpon 120 and has since returned for accessories. She was very appreciative that we took time to accommodate her safety concerns and that felt good. Fun day!

6. What kind of sauce would you be dipped in and why?

Sauce?! LOL. I like many sauces but don’t think being dipped into one of them is a great idea. I make a mean tomato sauce from scratch for pastas, so yeah I guess I would be dipped in that!

Want to talk cooking, adventures at sea, and International Maritime Law with Tim? Stop by the San Marcos store and say hello! Keep an eye out for more of the team in our next installment in the Meet the Team series!

-Dayvee @ACK