We recently teamed up with Sierra Designs for a gear giveaway on our Facebook page. The “Feeling Tipsy with Sierra Designs” giveaway called for you, our loyal readers and Facebook followers, to give us your best and most unique tips on how to stay warm outdoors during the winter. Y’all didn’t disappoint! We received over 80 entries with tips ranging from glove warmers to cuddling up with a camping buddy and man, was it hard to choose. Ultimately, our team of marketing extraordinaires was able to pick the top 3 unique tips and crown our 3 winners! These winners were hooked up with some awesome prizes including the first place prize of a Sierra Designs Zissou Sleeping Bag, second place prize of a Sierra Designs DriDown Pillow and third place with an ACK gift certificate and a swag bag, Now you may be wondering, what tips won this sweet gear?! Well, without further ado, here are the top 3 tips on how to stay warm outdoors during the winter.

1st place:

Winner: Cameron Cushman

Tip: “Smartest way to stay as warm as possible and avoid a cold weather injury while sleeping in a sleeping bag in a cold weather climate is to always wear as minimal clothing as possible- it’s safest is to be in your birthday suit. Your body heat is bounced back off of the sleeping bag thus creating a pocket of warmth while simultaneously preventing you from sweating in your clothing which could lead to serious injury if you were to leave the sleeping bag wet. An easy tip to remember is the word COLD. – keep it clean. O – avoid overheating L – wear clothes loose and layered. – keep clothing dry.”

2nd place:

Winner: Kob Kendrick

Tip: “When camping in cold weather you have to really watch your calories. I like to eat right before I go to bed so that my body is working and keeping me warm while I sleep. (Carbs and fats are key). Be sure to be warm when you lay your head down; I do some push ups or jumping jacks to get warm before bed.”

3rd place:

Winner: Megan Holtorf

Tip: “A bottle of hot water at the foot of my bag and a flask of whiskey at the head of my bag.”

Thank you to all of those who participated and keep an eye out for another blog featuring 10 more of your awesome tips!

Think we missed out on a cool cold-weather tip? Comment below with your most unique advice and share the love!

-Dayvee @ACK