When you’re out on the trail doing some backcountry exploration, you’re guaranteed to work up an appetite. On these occasions something like a plate of delicious lasagna with a side of garlic herb mashed potatoes, and mocha mousse pie for dessert sounds heavenly, but you’re probably thinking indulging in a meal like that is impossible when you’re miles away from civilization – not at all! Our friends at Backpacker’s Pantry have come up with some amazing dehydrated meals so you can indulge your appetite while out on your adventures.

Dehydrated meals are a great option to pack along because they’re lightweight, compact, and include all the ingredients so you’re good to go on your adventures without the fuss of menu planning, ingredient shopping, or coordinating portion sizes. The serving per pouch is generally for two people and there are plenty of meal options (including vegetarian dehydrated meals) so you won’t get tired of eating the same thing day after day when you’re out on the trail.

The thing is, when I was chatting with one of our Customer Relationship Mangers, he told me a lot of folks don’t know how these dehydrated meals work. Fortunately, they’re incredibly easy. All you need is some water (hot or cold depending on the meal) and 13 minutes at most to get your gourmet on.


A while back, we put together this helpful video to help demystify dehydrated meals – enjoy!

Devyn, Bon Apetite!