Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.26.24 PMLooking to make your next fishing trip the best one yet?

Here are three ways you can improve your next kayak fishing trip:


Selecting the right PFD is so important because you’ll want something comfortable that you actually will wear. If you buy something and cannot stand the way it fits you, chances are you’ll never use it which completely defeats the purpose of bringing one along. You can opt for a high back PFD that fits flush with your seat. If you prefer something lighter that doesn’t interfere with casting, check out an inflatable PFD – the sleeker profile is a gamechanger for casting compared to traditional style PFDs.


As like any other instance where you’re sitting for several hours, a  comfortable seat makes all the difference. You can make an easy upgrade using a kayak cushion like this inflatable SealLine Discovery Kayak Seat Cushion. If you’re looking for a bigger improvement, check out the Gone Fishing Seat. It’s made with Comfy Foam, features adjustable lumbar support, and provides you with 20 inches of high back support. Since it was designed for anglers, it’s decked out with fishing-specific features like plier holders, two rod holders, a detachable rear tackle tote with three tackle boxes, and two tackle boxes on the side quick draw pockets.


When you’re out on the water, storage is extremely important. If you don’t already carry a cooler with you, I highly suggest it. Something like Engel’s Dry Box Cooler 30 with Rod Holders is an awesome option because it is already outfitted with four rod holders. Using the track mount system on your kayak you can browse our selection of YakAttack, Scotty, Railblaza, and RAM Mount accessories to find solutions for your gear.

What other aspects have y’all changed to increase your comfort and improve your kayak fishing experience?

Devyn, Queen of Comfort